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The Raw Bar is now open at Island Creek Oyster Farm in Duxbury

Island Creek Oysters’ Duxbury Farm Debuts a Waterfront Raw Bar

Oyster lovers can find Duxbury-grown Island Creeks on menus from Boston to the Bay Area, but for the first time, now they can also slurp […]

(L to R) Row 34 group purchaser Phil Peterson, UNH and N.H. Sea Grant aquaculture specialist Michael Chambers, and Row 34 chef/partner Jeremy Sewall on the floating platform of the steelhead trout farm

Eat the Fish of the Future All Winter at Row 34

Phil Peterson’s phone buzzed once. The message was a screenshot of a beautiful steelhead trout, shared by New York City seafood restaurant Greenpoint Fish & […]


Welcome to the New Golden Age of the Oyster

If it feels like every buzzy new restaurant, every swanky has-been, every sports bar, every ersatz Irish pub, every once-proud neighborhood destination, and hell, even […]


A Shore Thing

AT FIRST GLANCE, Duxbury Bay doesn’t look like much – just another serene seascape at the edge of a quintessentially New England town. It’s edged […]