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Daily Dose of Design: Boston Architecture

Dear Bostonians, Happy National Architecture Week. To celebrate, we’re rounding up images depicting Boston’s urban charm to inspire you. In a mood board of sorts, here’s […]

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Have You Noticed Harvard Yard’s Portals?

A total of 25 gates frame Cambridge’s beloved Harvard Yard. These gates, the first of which was designed and built almost 130 years ago, aren’t […]

City Life

Architect Zaha Hadid Dies at 65

Zaha Hadid, one of the world’s most renowned architects, passed away early Thursday morning. Hadid had contracted bronchitis earlier in the week and suffered a sudden heart […]

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Boston Landmark: The Custom House Tower

More than 100 years after its completion, the city’s original skyscraper still stands tall in the Financial District.

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There’s a Tiny House Party This Weekend

If you’ve always admired the tiny house movement from afar, your chance to get up close and personal with it starts this weekend. Architect, microbuilder, […]

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The New Architectural Lighting at City Hall, By the Numbers

Pretty soon, you’ll be looking at City Hall in a new light. This week, Mayor Marty Walsh announced a plan for an architectural lighting installation […]

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Photos: A History of the Northern Ave. Bridge

The rusty, sad structure that links downtown to the Seaport is set to be removed in March. But the Northern Ave Bridge wasn’t always such […]

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380 Stuart Street Is More Than What We Bargained For

The design of 380 Stuart Street is a lot more than we bargained for.

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New Book ‘Heroic’ Reexamines Boston’s Concrete Architecture

A new book reexamines the city’s concrete behemoths.

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Why Some Boston Brownstones Have Purple Windows

Taking a stroll through the grand old city of Boston involves a lot of architectural marveling, and maybe some jaywalking. For those who do more […]

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Urban Oasis

Mette Aamodt and Jack Shea discuss the design and construction of a new Cambridge terrace with West Coast stylings.

Boston city skyline
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Really? You Want Citywide Planning?

Every 50 years seems like a rare enough occurrence to warrant a 24-hour celebration. And sure enough, to honor the launch of Boston’s first comprehensive […]

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15 Ways to Celebrate Preservation Month in Boston

The entire month of May is dedicated to historic preservation, and in Boston, we have a lot to celebrate. National Historic Preservation month sets out […]

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Corporate Competent Residences Approved on the Greenway

Let’s talk about architecture for a minute—specifically, the new apartment building approved by the BRA to go up on the Greenway at 110 Broad Street. […]

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Why Is Boston So Ugly?

How we built the most mediocre architecture in history, and how we’re going to fix it.