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Ask the Expert


Ask the Expert: How To Do A Perfect Squat

For years, I’d do squats at home, in group fitness classes, and at the gym, and for years, I was doing them wrong. Until one day, a brilliant trainer said […]


Ask the Expert: Are Expensive Workout Pants Worth It?

Have you ever looked around your yoga class and felt like the only one in the room not in fancy brand-name workout pants? We have […]


Ask the Expert: What is Broken Heart Syndrome?

Many of us are so lost this week we don’t even know what day it is. But having a heavy heart can also be bad […]


Ask the Expert: More Reps or More Weight?

It’s a question you’ve probably heard your whole life, and one that you’ve also probably received many different answers to. Should you do more reps with less weight, or fewer reps with more […]


Ask an Expert: I Don’t Want to Get ‘Big’ So Should I Skip the Weights?

In the February issue of Boston, Lisa Liberty Becker wrote about the stigma of women lifting at the gym. She lifted weights and the pounds dropped. Can this be true for […]


Ask the Expert: Why is it So Hard For Women to Do Pull-Ups?

I remember the sunny spring day in seventh-grade during P.E. class when it was time for the fitness tests. I knew I’d ace it since I played […]

stem cell face cream

Ask a Doctor: Do Stem Cell Face Creams Really Work?

Face cream illustration via Shutterstock If you’ve been to the beauty counter lately or up late enough to see the infomercials, the latest in skin creams […]