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Best of Boston Legends

City Life

Alan Bilzerian Is a Boston Style Icon

BEST CLOTHING BOUTIQUE Alan Bilzerian The only thing greater than the number of Best of Boston awards Alan Bilzerian has scooped up over the years? […]


We All Scream for Toscanini’s

BEST ICE CREAM Toscanini’s The week before Gus Rancatore opened the doors to his ice cream shop, Toscanini’s, in Central Square, he stood on the […]

City Life

The Eternal Bloom of Rouvalis Flowers & Gardens

BEST FLORIST Rouvalis Flowers & Gardens Making it to class on time. Cramming for a big exam. Deciding which party to hit on Friday night. These […]

Arts & Entertainment

The Enduring Imagination of Henry Bear’s Park

BEST TOY STORE Henry Bear’s Park Bradlees. Child World. Toys “R” Us. These shops were once staples of a Boston childhood that have since been […]

Arts & Entertainment

We’re So Grateful Wally’s Café Jazz Club Still Exists

BEST JAZZ CLUB Wally’s Café Jazz Club There are legends and there are legends. Wally’s Café Jazz Club is the latter—a 77-year-old family-run italicized legend. […]


The Best Steakhouse in Boston Is . . . Grill 23 & Bar (Again!)

BEST STEAKHOUSE Grill 23 & Bar Chris Himmel’s earliest memories involve running around the dining room at Grill 23 & Bar, the stately Back Bay […]