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Bill Linehan

City Life

The Bill Linehan and Steve Murphy Pension-Padding Act of 2014

Surprisingly, City Council president Bill Linehan and councilor Steve Murphy have not provided me an answer to my question of how their proposed self-raises would […]

City Life

City Official: ‘Let’s Talk About Uber Regulations’

Cambridge has been spending a lot of time talking about regulating on-demand taxi services like Uber and Lyft. Now, it looks like it’s Boston’s turn. […]

Home & Property

A Lost Neighborhood Rises Once Again

The developer of the Sepia condominium building celebrated its groundbreaking earlier today. The Sepia is part of the Ink Block mixed-use project currently under construction […]

City Life

Don’t F*ck with Linda

Linda Dorcena Forry earned the inside track by following a familiar playbook: the one written by the city’s Irish bosses of yore. Already, she’s proving that she’s better at Old Boston politics than many Old Bostonians. And some of them have already learned a hard lesson the old-fashioned way.

City Life

Three Glaring ‘Present’ Votes On Boston City Council

The past is never dead, as William Faulkner famously wrote; it’s not even past. Boston demonstrated that truism once again Wednesday as an attempt to […]

City Life

Politicians Predict the Red Sox Season

  With the thrill of baseball back upon us, I asked local pols via Twitter for their predictions of the number of games the team […]

City Life

Let’s All Agree to Call the St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast What It Is

The annual South Boston St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast has come and gone. Thankfully. If we must continue this awful ritual—presumably as the city’s karmic penance for […]

City Life

Chart of the Week: Breaking Down the Lobbyist Money in Boston’s Elections

Lobbyists registered with the state of Massachusetts give a lot of money to politicians, but usually focus their funds on the statehouse lawmakers who they […]

City Life

Councilor Bill Linehan Still Wants to Tax Your Alcohol Purchases

Citing the devastating effects of substance abuse, newly-elected City Council President Bill Linehan filed a home rule petition that, if passed, would put a tax […]

City Life

Q&A #6: Oh, All Those 2013 Boston Election Votes

Via email, “Kim” asks: My head is still spinning from all of the elections in 2013.  How many did we have (in Mass., but especially […]

City Life

Bill Linehan Elected As New City Council President

It didn’t happen without a fight—and some hissing from the crowd—but following an 8 to 5 vote during the first meeting of 2014, Bill Linehan […]

City Life

Wu Do You Love?

You might be surprised to hear this, but historically there is very little evidence that significant numbers of the electorate will alter their vote based […]

City Life

Here Are The Winners of the 2013 Boston Political Awards

Last week, I asked you to vote for the 2013 Massachusetts political award winners. Now it’s time for the results—and my thoughts. I am in […]

City Life

Boston Could Soon Have More Control Over the Liquor License Cap

City Councilor Ayanna Pressley has been working for more than two years to try and pass legislation that would put the control on the number […]

City Life

City Council Votes to Ban Smoking In All of Boston’s Public Parks

The city is waiting on the signature of Mayor Tom Menino before officially banning people from smoking cigarettes and marijuana in all of Boston’s public […]