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Things Older Than Celtics Draftee James Young

On Thursday, the Celtics drafted Oklahoma State guard Marcus Smart and Kentucky guard James Young. At 18 years old, Young was the second youngest player […]

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The Spurs and Heat Played a Sweaty Homage to the 1980s Boston Garden

When a power outage turned up the temperature on the AT&T Center during Thursday night’s NBA Finals game between the Spurs and the Heat, it brought comparisons both apt […]

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Millions of Dollars in Renovations Coming to TD Garden

The home of the Bruins and Celtics is about to get a makeover. Delaware North Companies, owner and operator of TD Garden, announced that it’s […]

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‘Tupac’ Was at the Celtics Game at TD Garden

Whaddup Pac? #Celtics #NBA — J A R E D W E I S S (@CLNS_JaredWeiss) March 6, 2014 When the Celtics started to […]


PHOTOS: Chef Ming Tsai and the Boston Celtics at the YMCA

Sun Life Financial Inc. donated $100,000 to the YMCA of Greater Boston Thursday at a special community event where the goal was to raise awareness […]

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Kobe Bryant Randomly Sits in a Class at Boston College

If you’re visiting Boston, a city filled with top-notch educational institutions, you might as well brush up on your education. At least, that’s what Los […]

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How Are Fans Responding to the Celtics?

We’re more than one-third of the way through the NBA season, and the Celtics are both firmly below .500 and firmly in playoff contention in […]

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Throwback Thursday: When Bill Russell Made His Celtics Debut

“Can an athlete be too good to be overrated?” The Boston Globe asked on December 19, 1956. They were talking about Bill Russell. His career […]

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Doc Rivers Had a Warm and Fuzzy Return to Boston

With the Celtics set to play the Clippers at home Wednesday, a poster on the Celtics Reddit site wondered, “Will the fans boo Doc Rivers?” […]

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4-Year-Old Celtics Fan Video Sends 26-Year-Old Song Up the Billboard Charts

Crack open that creaky old vault known as the “long-term memory,” and see if you can recall this video of Celtics fan Jeremy Fry, who […]

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Basketball Fans Can’t Find a Home Team to Root for? Try Division III

With a struggling Celtics team and relatively unexciting prospects on the college level, Boston appears to offer little for basketball fans hoping to latch onto […]

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Buy Paul Pierce’s Home

Good news for those who felt Kevin Garnett’s $4.85 million asking price was just outside their price range: former Celtics captain Paul Pierce, departed with […]

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Since 2004, Boston Has Won 18 Percent of the Four Major Sports Championships

In 2004, when the Boston Red Sox reversed a curse, they ushered in a difficult-to-believe era of success for Boston’s professional sports teams. (The Patriots […]

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Danny Ainge Goes Back to the Drawing Board

Pierce? Gone. Garnett? Adios. Doc Rivers? See ya. Danny Ainge spent the summer blowing up his team, and now it’s up to the cocksure Celtics boss to figure out how to return the franchise to glory. With a new season starting and everything uncertain, at least one thing is clear: We’re about to find out if Ainge is as smart as he thinks he is.

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Boston Will Get Its Bill Russell Statue in November

The Celtics will unveil a statue of the legendary Bill Russell at Government Center on Friday, November 1, in a star-studded ceremony before the season’s […]