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Boston Researchers Develop Stem Cell Roadmap

Researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital, the Wyss Institute at Harvard University, and Boston University have developed CellNet, a computer algorithm which will serve as a “roadmap […]

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Watch Taylor Swift Sing to a Boston Children’s Hospital Patient

Taylor Swift—surprised face maker, sometimes New Englander, rumored doe—found some new fans Sunday when she paid an unexpected visit to Boston Children’s Hospital. Taylor visited the Boston Children’s […]


Another Shark Is Hosting a Hospital Competition

Boston Children’s Hospital’s Global Pediatric Summit, Taking on Tomorrow, will feature what reps are calling an “Innovation Tank.” It’s a forum designed to “give pediatric […]


Screening For Eating Disorders at School Could Improve Detection, Study Says

Boston Children’s Hospital researchers found that by conducting a brief screening survey at school, teens at risk for an eating disorder could be identified earlier and […]


Mayor Walsh Reflects on Overcoming Childhood Cancer

Everyone knows that Mayor Walsh grew up and still lives in Dorchester, but he also spent four years of his childhood living elsewhere: Boston Children’s […]


Spider-Man Swings By Boston Children’s

When patients at Boston Children’s Hospital opened their blinds Thursday, their usual view was obstructed—by a superhero. Spider-Man stopped by the hospital to take part in […]


People With Music Training Show Enhanced Brain Function, Study Says

Perhaps you should have been more excited to take those piano lessons as a child. Researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital conducted a controlled study using […]


Bullying’s Impact Is Greater Than We Think, Study Says

We all know that bullying has been going on for centuries. From bickering brothers fighting for a royal crown, to religious crusades, to current NFL scandals […]

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Boston Children’s Launches New Sports Medicine Physical

Unfortunately, you see it on the news all the time: A young athlete in seemingly excellent health suddenly dies from a previously undetected cardiovascular condition […]


Boston Children’s Hospital Develops a Skin Cream for Peripheral Neuropathy

Researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital developed a skin cream that may relieve a difficult-to-treat form of peripheral neuropathy called small-fiber neuropathy, which causes pain, tingling, […]


There’s a Blood Shortage at Boston Children’s Hospital

Boston Children’s Hospital released a statement Friday saying that type O negative blood is in short supply: “Boston Children’s Hospital is experiencing a shortage of […]


DNA Profiles Could Lead to New Cancer Treatments

A new collaborative study at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston Children’s Hospital, and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute called “Profile” aims to compile the world’s largest database of genetic abnormalities […]


Researchers Develop New Procedure For Evaluating Pediatric Chest Pain

Outpatient clinics at Boston Children’s Hospital looked at 3,700 patients ages 7 to 22 who were brought in for chest pain over the course of nine […]


Pregnant Women Don’t Need to Avoid Peanuts, Study Says

Many women avoid peanuts while pregnant due to a fear that their child could develop a peanut allergy. But a new study from Boston Children’s […]


Ask The Expert: Energy-Boosting, Healthy Snacks For Mom And Kids

With Christmas shopping in full swing and long days of holiday traveling ahead, both moms and kids are going to need a little extra boost […]