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Boston Dynamics

The yellow SpotMini robot
City Life

Jeff Bezos Walked with a Boston Dynamics SpotMini Robot

Jeff Bezos and his freaky robot dog have been unleashed. On Monday evening, the Amazon founder tweeted a sparkling, sun-drenched picture framed as if to […]

City Life

Boston Dynamics’ Robot Does Backflips Now and We’re Scared

  Hug your children. The era of the hostile robot takeover inched closer this week, as Boston Dynamics released an ominous new video from the company’s lair […]

City Life

Leaked Video Shows Boston Dynamics’ New Robot, Here to Haunt Your Dreams

It’s been quite some time since we caught a fresh glimpse of the nightmare-inducing humanoid robots dreamt up by the folks over at Boston Dynamics. […]

City Life

New Boston Dynamics Robot Can Bring You Beer (Sort Of)

You’ve seen Spot run, now you can watch its younger sibling do that and then some. Boston Dynamics unveiled its latest robotic creation, the SpotMini, […]

City Life

Google Reportedly Selling off Boston Dynamics After Spooky Video

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, is reportedly selling off Boston Dynamics, a move viewed as a retreat from robotics for the tech giant. Alphabet executives concluded […]

City Life

Local Scientists Are Helping NASA Make Robotic Astronauts

Local scientists are helping NASA create a new kind of astronaut.

Arts & Entertainment

Boston Dynamics Shares Video of New Robot ‘Spot’

In a weird, AI sort of way, Boston Dynamics is starting to scare people. Here’s why: as cool as the now Google-owned company is for […]

City Life

Is Google Building a Robot Army?

With the purchase of a Waltham-based robotics company that spun out of MIT, Google may have just grounded Amazon’s vision of using autonomous machines to […]

City Life

Look at This Boston Dynamics Robot Mule

The internet has never seen a video of a Boston Dynamics-designed four-legged robot it didn’t like/have nightmares about. And this week’s addition to the oeuvre […]

City Life

These Blocks Built At MIT Can Self-Assemble

It’s been an eerie week in robot news. Boston Dynamics, a Waltham-based company, released—quite literally—a beast of a robotic invention with animal-like features, allowing it […]

City Life

MIT, Worcester PolyTech Students Will Program Terminator-Style Robots

  Some of the most talented engineering teams from around the country, that took top honors in a competition sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research […]

City Life

Boston’s War Machines

Hot damn, Boston Dynamics is on a run. The Waltham-based robotics company announced yesterday that it just set the land speed world record for four-legged […]