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Throwback Thursday: What People Thought Boston Would Look Like by Now

It’s December. Let’s put the Old State House Time Capsule aside for a moment. It’s a natural time to think about what our future might hold, […]

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Martha Coakley Gets a Partial Win on Foreclosures

Martha Coakley—and other homeowner advocates—got a big, if incomplete, victory earlier this week, and it’s gone oddly unnoticed by Massachusetts media. In a decision announced Tuesday, […]

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The Globe Swings and Misses

When you boil it all down, the story is that perhaps Martha Coakley was not open enough about something that she was putting in press […]

Arts & Entertainment

Boston Globe Spotlight Movie Set to Receive A-List Cast

More than a year since DreamWorks Studios and Participant Media acquired the rights to make a movie about the Boston Globe’s investigation into the sex-abuse scandal into […]

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The ‘Redskins’ Controversy Ships Back Up to Boston

With the Patriots kicking off preseason against the Washington Redskins, the national controversy surrounding a name many deem a racial slur has grown more relevant […]

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City Council Takes Aim at Globe Direct

After fielding complaints from residents fed up with the clutter caused by unwanted “circulars” like Globe Direct, which are tossed on their doorsteps and walkways, City Councilor […]

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Herald and Globe Polls Skew Similarly

The Boston Globe released a new poll on Friday, with its new polling partner SocialSphere, and the Boston Herald released one Monday, with its partner […]

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The New York Times’s Happy Divorce from the Boston Globe

There is an article in the New York Times on the Boston Globe’s Pulitzer Prize win that is as interesting for its underlying dynamics as […]

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The John Henry Emails

Our story this month on John Henry takes a deep dive look at his decision to buy the Boston Globe and his quest to save […]

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Big Changes Are Happening on Morrissey Boulevard

It’s been a busy few days over at Morrissey Boulevard. On Monday, the Globe’s new tech site, BetaBoston, launched. And today finally made the […]

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Will John Henry Save the Globe?

Maybe, but his ambitions are much grander. “I feel my mortality,” he says. So here’s his plan: He’s going to use the time he has left on earth to try to save journalism itself.

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John Henry Means Business with the Boston Globe

John Henry is no longer merely the owner of the Boston Globe. He’s also the publisher. The announcement came Thursday in a press release, in which Henry […]

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John Henry Might Be Selling The Worcester Telegram & Gazette

John Henry’s comparative lack of interest in the other Massachusetts newspaper he purchased from the New York Times Co., the Worcester Telegram & Gazette, makes more […]

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Worcester is Wondering When John Henry Will Visit His Other Newspaper

Is John Henry purposefully ignoring his newly acquired newspaper, the Worcester Telegram & Gazette? They’re getting really antsy to know out there. Henry got the […]

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A Boston Globe Columnist Pens a Lazy Take on Those Lazy Millennials

Boston Globe columnist Jennifer Graham, like many, many writers before her, has looked at America’s young adults, seen that her own generation has given them nice […]