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Relax, Herald: The ‘Media’ Agree that Romney Won

Image Credit: Boston Herald via The Newseum “The only question left from tonight’s debate is: Will the mainstream media report accurately that Obama lost?” asks […]

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Herald and Globe Run the Same Stories with Different Gender Pronouns

In case you needed a quick window into the respective identities of Boston’s dueling daily newspapers, witness the subtle difference in the way they discuss […]

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What's Really Going On with Occupy Boston

The day I visited, the headline in the Boston Herald had proclaimed ominously: Tensions Rising in “Occupied” Hub. Funny, that’s not what I found at all.

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Daily Feed

Herald Reporter Banned from Obama Fundraiser. Were White House officials miffed the paper ran a full-page Mitt Romney op-ed, instead of ink for Obama? [] […]

Headlines of the Damned

The Herald‘s latest death rattles are enough to make you imagine a city without its preeminent fear-mongerer—a terrifying thought, indeed.