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The Very Boston Moments We’ll Remember from 2020

We already know people are obsessed with Boston, whether they live here or not. So as we round out 2020, we felt it was appropriate […]

City Life

One Man Is Dead, One Injured after Driving to BMC with Gunshot Wounds

After what appears to be another outbreak of gun violence in Boston, one man is dead and another person is being treated for injuries after driving […]

Mass General
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Boston Hospitals Fined $1 Million for How They Handled Health Info for an ABC Show

Three Massachusetts hospitals settled for a combined $1 million for the way they handled access to patients’ medical information on the ABC TV show “Save My Life: […]

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The BU Biolab Will Work With the Most Dangerous Microbes on Earth, Finally

Sure, there’s plenty of good reason to be cautious about having a bevy of deadly pathogens in your backyard. And when it comes to Boston University’s plans […]


BMC Employee Celebrates Remission on the Runway

All Taryn Graham wanted was to work at Boston Medical Center (BMC). She had no idea she’d soon be a patient there, too. “I wanted […]


White House Grants BMC $350,000 for Opioid Abuse Work

Despite catching flak for promising, then failing, to declare the opioid crisis a state of emergency, President Trump’s administration on Thursday re-upped its commitment to […]


A BMC Doctor Saved a Woman’s Life on an Airplane

The story sounds like a plot line ripped from Grey’s Anatomy. On a Friday evening flight from Boston to Minneapolis, Anil Punjabi heard a flight attendant […]


Dr. Jennifer Tseng Is the First Female Chief of Surgery at a Major Boston Hospital

With the appointment of Dr. Jennifer Tseng, Boston finally has its first female chief of surgery at an academic medical center. Tseng, a widely published […]


With a New Rooftop Farm, Nutrition Is BMC’s Highest Priority

With sterile white walls and foreboding exteriors, hospitals aren’t exactly known for their beauty. But to find an oasis at Boston Medical Center (BMC), all […]


Yoga and PT May Be Equally Effective at Relieving Back Pain, Study Says

It may be time to break up with your physical therapist. A new study from Boston Medical Center (BMC) says yoga may be an equally […]


Obama Drug Czar Slams Trump’s Proposed Drug Control Cuts

After two years at the helm of the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), Michael Botticelli has found both a homecoming and a new […]


How Fighting Substance Abuse Is Like Training for a Triathlon

As Sarah Bagley sees it, fighting addiction is a lot like training for a triathlon. “You have to be focused. You have to be disciplined. […]

Amy Rosario

For One Expecting Mom, Mother’s Day Brings a Unique Gift

Amy Rosario had no musical background whatsoever. So when she was approached about writing a lullaby for her unborn twin daughters, she was hesitant. “I […]


An Award-Winning Pup Works at Boston Medical Center

At Boston Medical Center, clinicians and medical professionals roam the halls—as does a team of therapy dogs. The 12-dog team, called the Healing Pups, visits BMC […]


BMC May Someday Be Able to “Brew” New Blood for Patients

If there’s one thing hospitals can’t get enough of, it’s blood. Within the past few months, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston Children’s Hospital, and Dana-Farber Cancer […]