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The Boston Public Library Is Now Streaming Movies and Music for Free

The Boston Public Library is keeping up with the demands of the general public. Librarians and workers at the Boylston Street branch have already sort […]

Arts & Entertainment

Photos: Boston’s Legoland Discovery Center Finds Its Master Model Builder

Not many people can say their job interview consisted of playing with Legos—but Ian Coffey can. During a two-day competition this weekend called Brick Factor, […]


Legoland In Somerville Is Building A Replica of the Boston Public Library

The Boston Public Library is moving to Somerville—kind of. A “large-scale” replica of the building will be constructed out of Legos, and put on public […]

The Nice Queen

The Nice Queen

Amid furor over branch closures, the Boston Public Library’s president is imposing her vision for the future—and, just maybe, a new model for how to get things done in this town.

The Race to Save the Rare Books

While City Hall and activist patrons quarrel over the future of the Boston Public Library, thousands of the world’s oldest and most valuable books sit on its shelves, slowly rotting away. It’s up to Stuart Walker, Lord help him, to wage the lonely, page-by-page battle to keep them from being lost for good.