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Cambridge, Massachusetts is a historic city situated directly north of Boston, across the Charles River. Just moments away from the hustle of Boston, Cambridge is an eclectic town with unique shops, restaurants and cafes, and is home to several notable colleges, including Harvard University and MIT. From bars to coffee shops and bookstores, there is plenty to explore and enjoy in Cambridge.

City Life

Bicycle Commuting Is an Easier Sell in Cambridge

Because Cambridge sits next to Boston, it sometimes makes it easier to see the differences between smaller and larger cities. One of those differences: bicycle commuting. […]

Arts & Entertainment

Cambridge Officially Declares May 8 ‘Keytar Bear Day’

Let it be known across the lands (or at least the shores surrounding the Charles River) that May 8 is now officially known as “Keytar Bear […]

City Life

Five Takeaways from Elizabeth Warren’s Talk in Cambridge

Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke to a sold-out crowd in Cambridge on Thursday at First Parish Church in Harvard Square. She read excerpts from her new book, […]

Arts & Entertainment

Ride the Line: Join an MBTA Bar Crawl from Dorchester to Cambridge

Barreling full-steam ahead and continuing efforts to promote the MBTA’s new late-night weekend service, members of Future Boston Alliance are hosting an MBTA bar crawl […]

City Life

Cambridge Businesses Are Taking Advantage of the MBTA’s Late-Night Service

With the MBTA running later as part of a one-year pilot program, Cambridge businesses are thinking creatively by petitioning city officials so they can keep […]

Arts & Entertainment

Bench Diary: Write Your Thoughts in a Community Journal

If you see a small pink or purple journal seemingly abandoned on a park bench somewhere in the Boston area, don’t turn it in to […]

City Life

Visualizing Cambridge’s Bike-Crash Data

As winter makes way for spring, Hubway stations reopen, and biking season pedals into full-force, it’s important for cyclists to be informed about which streets […]

Arts & Entertainment

Elizabeth Warren to Discuss New Book A Fighting Chance at First Parish Church in Cambridge

Elizabeth Warren fans, this is your chance to meet the one and only say-it-like-it-is, rip-those-blowhards-a-new-one senator. While back in the day, Warren made her living […]

Home & Property

On The Market: 52-54 Foster Street, Cambridge

“It’s always a cliché to talk about location, but Foster is maybe one of the most desirable locations for a modest-sized house in Cambridge,” says […]

Arts & Entertainment

Calling All Startups: Shark Tank Will Be Taking Pitches in Cambridge

Boston and surrounding cities are teeming with creative-types and innovators, so it’s no wonder the producers of the hit ABC show Shark Tank want to […]

Arts & Entertainment

By the Book: Familiar Places in Susanna Kaysen’s New Book, Cambridge

Susanna Kaysen is back this month with a new novel, Cambridge. Readers might note more than a few familiar landmarks.

Arts & Entertainment

Ready, Set, Smash: It’s the Battle of the Autonomous Robots

They’ll smash, they’ll bash, and they’ll destroy one another—all in the name of a championship title. At the “Grand Finale” of Cambridge’s Science Festival in […]

City Life

Bukowski Tavern Is Hosting a Fundraiser for the Victims of the Fatal Cambridge Fire

After a fire ravaged a house near Cambridge’s Inman Square, claiming the life of one of the residents and leaving others without a home, bartenders […]

Arts & Entertainment

Snowboarders Will Shut Down Some Cambridge Streets

Vans is bringing a little bit of the Sochi Olympics to Boston’s backyard. This week, in conjunction with the Middle East and the Central Square […]

City Life

Community Groups Claim ‘Victory’ in Fight for Changes to Cambridge Street Bridge

After nine months of negotiating with the state, residents and community groups in the Allston area claimed a small victory last week when MassDOT revealed […]