Cambridge, Massachusetts is a historic city situated directly north of Boston, across the Charles River. Just moments away from the hustle of Boston, Cambridge is an eclectic town with unique shops, restaurants and cafes, and is home to several notable colleges, including Harvard University and MIT. From bars to coffee shops and bookstores, there is plenty to explore and enjoy in Cambridge.

City Life

A Judge Rejected Cambridge’s Lawsuit Against Uber

A judge ruled against Cambridge in the city’s court battle with Uber, the company that allows users to hail and pay for taxis and black […]


Restaurant Review: Giulia in Cambridge

The latest Italian newcomer favors authenticity over flash, mostly to great success.

Arts & Entertainment

The Country’s Largest Poetry Slam Competition Is Coming Back to Boston

In August, it will be impossible not to walk into a bar in the Boston and Cambridge area that isn’t playing host to groups of […]

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Cambridge Brewery Making Special Beer in Honor of MIT Officer Sean Collier

Phil Bannatyne thought the best way to honor a fallen hero was to create a beer with his name on it. Bannatyne, owner of the […]

Arts & Entertainment

MIT Will Use 300 Programmable Umbrellas to Light Up the Cambridge Skyline

More than 300 umbrellas retrofitted with multi-colored LED lights will be used to create an interactive light show on MIT’s campus as part of a […]

City Life

Cambridge Official: Don’t Ask to Bury Bombing Suspect In Our City

After several attempts, the director of a Worcester funeral home is running out of options to find a place to bury the remains of Boston […]


The Kitchen Spy: West Bridge’s Matthew Gaudet Shows Us His Cambridge Home

Welcome to The Kitchen Spy, where we visit local chefs’ home kitchens, and force them to open up their fridge, drawers, and cabinets. While Matthew Gaudet is […]


Restaurant Review: Puritan & Company in Cambridge

Will Gilson attempts to fuse New England fare with modern technique—and, mostly, succeeds.

Arts & Entertainment

Cambridge Typewriter Shop Hosting Speed-Typing Competition

In a digital age, iPad’s may reign supreme, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a market for vintage devices once used for sending messages. That’s […]

City Life

Cambridge Wonders What Went Wrong with Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

It’s been a few days now since we learned that the alleged marathon bombers, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, lived on Norfolk Street in Cambridge, and […]

City Life

When Normalcy Finally Started to Creep Back

During Friday’s lockdown, someone in our house kept turning on all our lights. I’d spent the morning reading up on the Red Cross’s rules of […]

City Life

‘This Is Scary, He Could Be Anywhere. He Could Be Anywhere.’

Standing on the corner of Cambridge and Elm Street this morning, I overheard two teenage boys talking. “This is scary, he could be anywhere,” one […]

City Life

One Officer Dead After Multiple Standoffs with Police in Cambridge and Watertown

Update: The Watertown stand off appears to have resulted in the death of the first Boston marathon bombing suspect and led to a manhunt for the […]

City Life

Getting From Boston to Cambridge Has Never Been So Complicated

A series of ongoing repairs to roads and bridges along the Charles River is causing a headache for drivers trying to travel between Boston and […]


Where to Shop and Eat in Cambridge’s Observatory Hill

Nestled between Huron and Concord avenues in Cambridge, Observatory Hill is a shopping and dining destination giving Harvard Square a run for its money.