Cape Cod


Obama Makes Ocean Off Cape Cod a Marine National Monument

Nearly 5,000 square miles of ocean off Cape Cod will be designated a marine national monument on Thursday, making it the first of its kind […]


Seal Poop Closes Beach in Cape Cod

A Cape Cod beach has been pretty crappy recently. So says a report this week that shuttered the Cahoon Hollow Beach in Wellfleet. The culprits? […]


Shark vs. Seal Spotted in Provincetown

It’s hard not to be fascinated by sharks—all that raw power lurking out there in the water, just waiting to rear its head, frighten, and […]


Killer Whales Spotted Chillin’ off Chatham

A chill is creeping into the air, and students are flooding back into the city, signifying an end to summer fun. But don’t tell that […]


Underwater Video Captured of Shark Tearing Apart Seal Off the Cape

You know how they say the more you know about sharks the less fearful of them you become? The more in awe of their majesty, […]

Arts & Entertainment

Grace Kelly Talks Brookline, Bosch, Berklee, and More

Brookline native, jazz star, and Berklee graduate Grace Kelly is bringing her musical talents back to Massachusetts this month. She’ll return to her home state to perform at the […]

Home & Property

On the Market: An Oceanfront Oasis in Woods Hole

A Woods Hole retreat just steps from a private beach.


Shark Rescued in Chatham Last Year Thought Cape Was Pretty Nice, Returns

Jamison, the great white shark stranded and later rescued on a Chatham beach last summer, has returned to Cape Cod, in search of wayward seal or […]


Six-Year-Old Hooks Great White Shark Fishing on Cape Cod

During a family fishing outing off the coast of Cape Cod on Saturday, six-year-old Blake White only caught one fish. To be fair, what he […]


Pilot Captures Amazing Photos of White Shark Chasing a Cape Cod Seal

Summer is in full swing in Massachusetts, which means it’s that time of year again when all kinds of aquatic creatures start showing up around […]


Killer Whale Spotted Near the Cape

A Cape Cod boat captain was treated to a rare sight on Monday: an orca, or killer whale, just a few miles from the Chatham […]

Home & Property

A Massachusetts Town Was Ranked the Best for Backyard Entertaining

New Englanders know there is nothing as sweet as Cape Cod in the summertime, where dining en plein air often translates to devouring ice cream cones by the […]


Wild at Heart: The 41-70 in Woods Hole

Nomadic chef Brandon Baltzley wants to bring Noma’s Michelin-starred magic to his new restaurant on the Cape.

Arts & Entertainment

Arrr You Ready for Cape Cod’s New Pirate Museum?

Meet the seafaring adventurer behind Cape Cod’s new pirate museum.


Five Cape and Islands Fitness Classes with a Side of Summer Fun

Want to get in shape without wrecking your vacation vibe? These five Cape and Islands classes offer fitness with a side of summer fun.