Countdown: Sex’s Greatest Hits

If you are anything like us, you’ve often wondered, sometimes angrily, how Carrie Bradshaw, freelance columnist living in Manhattan, can afford to don the various […]


Bostonista Loves: Barbara Walters

Last week, we were among the lucky Bostonians who got to meet The View’s Brookline-born mother hen and all around feminist icon, Barbara Walters. At […]


Setting Sail with Puma

Though I’m known to work up a mean sweat on the elliptical machine, my output pales in comparison to the struggles Puma’s 11-man Ocean Racing […]


Hollywood Comes to Boston

Are you itching to party like a celebutante this weekend? You’re in luck, as Hollywood busts into Beantown for three unique events at local hotspots […]


Breaking: Victoria Beckham Coming to Boston

We here at Bostonista have grown to love Victoria Beckham. While we once scoffed at her comically-large breasts and dour expression, somewhere along the way […]


Melt Spa Gets Swank-y

Reasons Bostonista hearts Hilary Swank: Her Next Karate Kid totally could have kicked Daniel-San’s waxy ass. Her single mom turned Peach Pit charity case on […]

Casey, the Other Affleck

Casey Affleck is supposed to be late. He’s always at least a half-hour late, his publicist says, and when he does show up, he’ll want […]