Liquid Diet: Downeast Cider Hard Lemonade

“If you ferment apples, it’s called hard cider. Fermented malt is beer. But would do you call fermented lemonade?” says Downeast Cider cofounder Ross Brockman. […]

Bantam Cider

Cider Rules: Bantam Cider’s Latest Creations

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A Peek Inside Bantam Cider’s New Taproom

Since launching their Wunderkind cider in January 2012, Bantam Cider co-owners Dana Masterpolo and Michelle da Silva have challenged the public’s palate with a tart, […]


Apples to Apples: Bantam’s Rojo Cider

Drink this now: Bantam’s Rojo Cider.


Liquid Diet: Introducing Fire Cider, a Health Tonic That Tastes Great with Booze

Welcome to Liquid Diet, where Christopher Hughes finds the extraordinary stories behind the people and places that quench the thirst of the Boston area. As a […]


Three New England Ciders to Watch (and Drink)

Cider apples from Farnum Hill. Learn more about them ahead. Photo courtesy of Facebook/Farnum Hill Nine days after the pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock, William […]