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City Hall

Arts & Entertainment

Five Brutalist Buildings to Admire That Aren’t City Hall

If you don’t like the look of City Hall—or at the very least, you’re not curious about its design—you should X out of this story […]

City Life

Five Ways Massachusetts Ditched the Nanny State during the Pandemic

On the one hand, city and state government decisions have never played a more jarringly intrusive role in our day-to-day activities, with sweeping curfews, strictly […]

City Life

Get to Know Kim Janey, the Next Mayor of Boston

Fellow Bostonians, meet your new mayor. Kim Janey, Boston’s City Council president, is set to assume the corner office at City Hall on an interim […]

City Life

In Light of the Pandemic, the City Hall Plaza Renovation Looks Smarter Than Ever

When construction got underway in earnest on the long-awaited makeover of City Hall Plaza, one of the most loathed parcels of public land in Boston, […]

boston city hall wedding

Here’s Everything You Need to Know about Getting Married at Boston City Hall Right Now

If you’re coming up with a plan B after coronavirus kyboshed your wedding plans, getting married at City Hall might seem like an appealing idea […]

City Life

Are We Living in the Most Corrupt Era of Our State’s History?

Welcome to “One Last Question,” a series where research editor Matthew Reed Baker tackles your most Bostonian conundrums. Have a question? Email him at onelastquestion@bostonmagazine.com. Question: […]

City Life

You Can’t Make Boston Fly Your Flag If It Doesn’t Want To, Court Says

No, you can’t make Boston officials fly a Christian flag at City Hall if they don’t want to, a federal court told a conservative activist […]

City Life

City Hall Plaza Is Gonna Be so Much Better Soon

City Hall Plaza has been in desperate need of a renovation since the day it opened a half-century ago. For so long, the only good thing […]

The Wachusett Brew Yard returns to the Patios at City Hall Plaza

The Patios Will Return to City Hall Plaza with More Local Food and Drink

It might not feel like it, but summer really is just around the corner. When the warm weather finally hits, find us playing mini golf and […]

Brutal is Beautiful Christian Science Center Erich Lindemann Mental Health Center Boston
Home & Property

Why Boston’s Brutalism Is Back in a Big Way

As gray as a cold, rainy Boston day, City Hall stands imposingly on Government Center’s brick-lined plaza amid a bevy of skyscrapers, practically begging you […]

Home & Property

Celebrate City Hall’s 50th Anniversary with This Limited Edition Bronze Lapel Pin

Fifty years ago on Sunday, Boston City Hall, the Brutalist masterpiece people love to hate, officially opened to the public. The week of February 10, […]

City Life

Planned City Hall Plaza Upgrades Force Cancelation of Boston Winter

Winter is canceled. No, we don’t mean “canceled” in the “this famous person did something bad, so I don’t like them anymore” sense. And no, […]

Arts & Entertainment

Coming Soon to City Hall Plaza: Beer, Ice Cream, Mini Golf, Puppies

If and when summer actually arrives in Boston this year, there will be a whole bunch of summery things to do on City Hall Plaza […]

A side view of Boston City Hall
City Life

The Boston Calling Extortion Trial Has Evaporated

The Boston Calling extortion trial, which ensnared two aides to Boston Mayor Marty Walsh and roiled City Hall, has come to an abrupt end after […]

City Life

Is City Hall Plaza’s Boston Winter Doomed?

It’s clear City Hall Plaza needed help. The big brick-laden black hole—notable only in the fact that it’s such an architectural oddity you can put […]