Coming Right Up: Battle of the Baristas

By Shannon Fischer Put down your lattes and step away from the Starbucks: the 2nd annual White Chrome* Barista Competition takes place this month, replete […]


Jittery Does It: Starbucks Stops P.M. Decaf

After a delightful lunch at the local mid-tier sushi joint (Symphony Sushi, over at 45 Gainsborough), Chowder stopped in at one of several local Starbucks […]


Will Clover Prove Lucky for Starbucks?

When Chowder attends a tasting dinner, the liquid accompanying the food is typically a form of alcohol. We’ve done wine tastings, beer tastings, even tequila […]


Happy Free Iced Coffee Day!

Dunkin’ Donuts Free Iced Coffee Day is fast becoming our favorite holiday. The second annual promotion allows any old person to waltz into any Dunkin’ […]