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COVID Aftereffects


Without Aid, an “Extinction” Level Event Is Coming for Boston Restaurants This Winter

The temperature reached 63-degrees in Boston on Dec. 1—unseasonably balmy. And yet, all over the city, restaurants making use of public property were required to […]


COVID vs. the Ski Industry

The morning of March 12 at Jay Peak ski resort in Vermont’s Green Mountains, was, by all accounts, a bluebird day. That’s old-school, ski-bum speak […]

City Life

How Boston Could Save Winter by Finally Doing Something Fun with Its Streets

A pop-up movie theater on a side street in Harlem. A touch-less obstacle course for kids in the Bronx. A five-week-long stationary parade in Chicago. […]


The Year That Changed Boston’s Dining Scene Forever

What would you choose for a last meal? I never thought I’d ask myself that question—or a version of it, anyway—until a microscopic virus arrived […]


The Not-So-Amazing Race: Boston Restaurants Scramble for Patio Heaters

As autumn slowly inches toward winter, temperatures fall, and the pandemic-era economy continues to put restaurants out of commission (about 20 percent of Massachusetts eateries […]

City Life

Boston Is Among the Nation’s “Rattiest Cities,” and It’s Only Getting Rattier

One of the odder and least welcome side effects of the dramatic changes we’ve made to life in the COVID era has been Boston’s rat […]

Gov. Charlie Baker
Home & Property

With Evictions Slated to Restart, Questions Fly about Baker’s New Plan

Things are not looking good here in Massachusetts: COVID-19 cases are ticking up, state unemployment is the highest it’s been since the 1970s, winter is […]

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City Life

Let’s Just Stay in Daylight Saving Time Year-Round in Massachusetts

We’ve all managed to stave off some quarantine cabin fever by staying outside all summer long, but the extra layers and shorter late-afternoon walks are […]

City Life

An Appliance Shortage Is Rattling Boston, and Me

Almost immediately after we moved back to our apartment this summer after quarantining in the ‘burbs, we had a problem: Our oven was on the […]


For These Boston Area Restaurants, Indoor Dining Remains Off the Table

Before COVID-19 arrived, on most nights you could spot a line of people waiting in the street to slurp down noodles inside Yume Wo Katare, […]

City Life

Can the Duck Boats Recover from a Summer with No Tourism?

Usually, summer in Boston means turning the volume up on the city soundscape: Concerts and ballgame cheers flood Lansdowne, tourists ask for directions in every […]

City Life

Has the COVID-19 Pandemic Marked the End of Casual Sex?

Not long after the virus first hit, I was in a committed relationship, so casual sex wasn’t really an issue. When the relationship ended, though, […]

outdoor space heater with pedestrians

I’ll Eat Outside at Boston Restaurants All Winter If I Have To

[This post was updated on Tuesday, Sept. 15.] On Thursday, the NFL kicked off its 2020 season—one that will be played to otherwise empty stadiums. […]

City Life

The NAACP Convention That Never Came to Town

Edited by David S. Bernstein Keynote Address Deval Patrick Former Massachusetts Governor America is a country built on aspiration, a nation reaching for the ideals […]

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Arts & Entertainment

How To Save Boston’s Art Scene—Before It’s Too Late

When COVID-19 brought the curtain down on life as we knew it, where did Bostonians turn for comfort? To the arts, of course. We binge-watched […]