COVID Aftereffects


Boston Restaurants Are Reopening—But Where Are All the Workers?

On a frigid April evening, chef Dave Becker is fiddling with a heat lamp on the patio of Juniper, his Eastern Mediterranean restaurant in Wellesley. […]

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What’s Next: The Ultimate Guide to Boston’s Post-Pandemic Future

From North End restaurants to Theater District playhouses, it’s been slightly more than a year since Boston transformed from a Boom Town to a Ghost […]

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The Future of Everything: 10 Long Term Predictions for Boston

Transportation Trains Will Solve the Transportation Crisis Jarred Johnson Executive director, TransitMatters Some of the most futuristic societies in the world—Japan, Korea, Hong Kong—have heavily […]


Confessions of a COVID-Era Wedding Photographer

Ever wondered what it’s like to photograph a wedding during a global pandemic? We have, too. So we went straight to the source, reaching out […]

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Quiz: Are You Ready to Rejoin Society?

Socially Scarred Emerging from your COVID cocoon won’t be easy. Consider baby-stepping your way to places known to be empty and eerily abandoned, such as […]

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The Anxious Bostonian’s Guide to Finally Getting Out of the Bubble

Vaccines May Be Here, But Getting Back to Regular Life Is Going to Take Some Time After a full year of isolation and endless TV, […]

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Vaccines May Be Here, but Getting Back to Regular Life Is Going to Take Some Time

Once upon a time, I was a person who dragged my friends along to the opening night of every major movie release. I excitedly texted […]

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The Complete Etiquette Guide: Vaccine Edition

SCENARIO ONE You’re invited to a barbecue with people you haven’t seen in person since March 2020. It’s mixed company; you’ve gotten the stab, but […]

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Things to Do in Boston Now That You’re Vaccinated and Ready to Party

So your final dose of the vaccine is kicking in, antibodies are coursing through your veins, and you’re ready to hit the town. Where do […]

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Hold on, Boston: Spring Is Coming Back and So Will We

Spring is coming, and in more ways than one. Last week I laced up and went for a run around Jamaica Pond in shorts (shorts!), […]

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Meet the Boston Musician Who Has Performed Every Single Night of the Pandemic

Where were you, one year ago this month, when the pandemic shutdown first shook up your life? Chelsea, Mass. musician Adam Ezra was logging on […]


Restaurants Across Boston Are “Hibernating.” Will They Actually Return in the Spring?

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed on a particularly dismal day in December when suddenly, my heart sank. Staring back at me from my […]


Getting Your COVID-19 Vaccination? Here’s a Delicious, Post-Shot Treat near Each Site

If you’ve ever donated blood, you’ve probably been handed a post-needle cookie to replenish your blood sugar levels. What a treat! (It takes so little […]

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Five Fun Businesses that Boston Could Really Use Post-Pandemic

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s what we can go without—and what we really need: Family, friends, food, and a little bit of fun, […]


With Takeout Food Taking Over, Can Fine Dining Survive the Pandemic in Boston?

Chris Coombs is an exceptional chef. He’s also an exception. Ever since last March, when the pandemic (and the state’s regulatory responses to it) first […]