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COVID Aftereffects

City Life

Can the Duck Boats Recover from a Summer with No Tourism?

Usually, summer in Boston means turning the volume up on the city soundscape: Concerts and ballgame cheers flood Lansdowne, tourists ask for directions in every […]

City Life

Has the COVID-19 Pandemic Marked the End of Casual Sex?

Not long after the virus first hit, I was in a committed relationship, so casual sex wasn’t really an issue. When the relationship ended, though, […]

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I’ll Eat Outside at Boston Restaurants All Winter If I Have To

[This post was updated on Tuesday, Sept. 15.] On Thursday, the NFL kicked off its 2020 season—one that will be played to otherwise empty stadiums. […]

City Life

The NAACP Convention That Never Came to Town

Edited by David S. Bernstein Keynote Address Deval Patrick Former Massachusetts Governor America is a country built on aspiration, a nation reaching for the ideals […]

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Arts & Entertainment

How To Save Boston’s Art Scene—Before It’s Too Late

When COVID-19 brought the curtain down on life as we knew it, where did Bostonians turn for comfort? To the arts, of course. We binge-watched […]

Home & Property

Three Major Effects Coronavirus Is Having on the Boston Housing Market

The coronavirus crisis has changed almost everything about the way we’re living, and where and how we’re living is no exception. There’s a lot going […]


If Cheers Can’t Survive COVID-19, What Boston Bars Can?

Shelley Long thought she could do better. Shelley Long was wrong. And before you under-30 folks open a new browser tab to Google “Shelley Long,” […]

City Life

Traffic Plummeted During the Pandemic. Boston Should Keep It That Way

One of the eeriest parts of the pandemic has been the vacant streets of cities across the globe, as traffic disappeared while people stayed home. […]

Home & Property

One Piece of Good News: Renters Finally Have More Negotiating Power

By the time August rolls around, only the daredevils and deal-seekers are still looking for apartments in Boston, scouring the picked-over listings. The rest of […]

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City Life

I Hate Cars, but Thanks to COVID I’m Buying One

I have a confession to make: I’m buying a car. When I moved into Boston proper five years ago, my wife and I couldn’t have […]

Home & Property

A Two-Month Delay of Evictions Doesn’t Solve the Crisis, Housing Advocates Say

As much as each day of the pandemic tends to blend together, there is one date that has stood out for months: August 18. That […]

City Life

Here’s How the Fenway and Central Square Are Livening Up the Summer of Social Distancing

Yes, vacations have been canceled, concerts are postponed, and the only fireworks we heard this year were the contraband ones set off by our bored […]

City Life

Maura Healey Is Suing the Trump Administration Over the “Cruel, Abrupt, and Unlawful” Student Visa Rule

Update, 7/14 3:45 p.m.: Just a day after Healey’s office filed suit, the US Department of Homeland Security announced that it has withdrawn the controversial […]

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City Life

Lamont Price: Losing Live Comedy Wasn’t Just about the Jokes

March 7. That was the last time I performed live standup comedy, before the Dark Times began. It was a Saturday night, which is the […]

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The Pandemic Could Result in a Surge of HIV Infections in Boston

The spinoff public health crises that will arise from the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown are likely to reverberate for generations, but an immediate and […]