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Dennis Lehane

Arts & Entertainment

Place a Bid for a Chance to Be in Dennis Lehane’s Next Book

Author Dennis Lehane is giving readers another chance to pop up in his next book—and this time it doesn’t involve trying to find his family’s […]

Arts & Entertainment

Dennis Lehane and Leonardo DiCaprio Working Together on Fox’s Travis McGee

Move over, Ben Affleck. Looks like Dennis Lehane and Leonardo DiCaprio have a bit of a bromance going on. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lehane […]

Arts & Entertainment

Pre-Production Starts for Movie Based on Dennis Lehane’s Latest Novel

Just days after author Dennis Lehane took home a prestigious national award for his book Live By Night, pre-production on a movie based on the […]

City Life

If You Find Dennis Lehane's Beagle, He'll Put You In His Next Book

Dennis Lehane’s beagle Tessa has been missing since Christmas Eve, and the author’s been leveraging social media to find her like only a celebrity can. “Our recent and […]

City Life

Dennis Lehane Would Like His Tweeps to Chill Out

After teaching himself to use Facebook so he could call out a Globe review of his new book, author Dennis Lehane took to yet another […]

City Life

Dennis Lehane Is Furious the Globe Called His White Character a 'Magical Negro'

Dennis Lehane got so angry at a Globe review of his new book Live By Night that accused him of creating a stereotypical “Magical Negro” […]

Arts & Entertainment

Book Review: "Live by Night," by Dennis Lehane

You have to hand it to Dennis Lehane: He sure knows how to kick off a novel. In his latest, Live by Night, which comes […]

Hubbub: Dennis Lehane

In novels like Gone Baby Gone, Mystic River, and Shutter Island, Dennis Lehane tapped into the city’s gritty side.

Why I Love Boston: Small Regula’ and Old Newbury

Essays by an all-star cast of writers who explain what they love most about the Hub.

Genius Explained Hollywood Endings

Genius, Explained: Hollywood Endings

With the release of Shutter Island, Dennis Lehane reveals how his novels keep getting made into great movies.