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Dining Out: Aujourd'hui

Jerome Legras might be the most interesting import to our culinary shores since Thomas John landed at Mantra as if from another planet. Where John […]

Dining Out: Chain Reaction

How did it happen? One day Park Square was one of the most idiosyncratic parts of Boston—a bit seedy, perhaps, but with the former Legal […]

Dining Out: Pig Tale

“I'd cooked Italian so much for Todd that I burned out on it,” Marc Orfaly told me on the phone after I'd dined several times […]

Dining Out: Club Med

Declaration of partiality: I adore Ana Sortun and her adventurous, exotic, solidly grounded food. So I couldn't wait for her to open her own restaurant, […]

Dining Out: Mucho Gusto

“It's the South End in Roslindale,” my friend Gus the Boulevardier told me about Gusto, the simple Italian restaurant in a very pleasant neighborhood I […]

Dining Out: Flying High

Few things are more admirable than owner-chefs who seek out the best and most local ingredients. These chefs change their growers and fishermen as they […]

Dining Out: From the Gecko

If Boston has a nicer and more generous chef—let's make that person—than Stan Frankenthaler, with his ever-present, embroidered Tibetan cap and beatific smile, I don't […]

Dining Out: Fire and Spice

Azita Bina-Seibel was born to run a restaurant—a comfortably elegant Persian restaurant serving the food of her native Iran. This wasn't clear to me when […]

Dining Out: Om Sweet Om

As soon as I saw the long, oval white plate holding a latke-like disk surrounded by little rods of multicolored salads, I knew I was […]

Dining Out: Burning Desire

I've been waiting for the Fireplace. I don't mean the actual restaurant that recently opened at Washington Square in Brookline, although I'm awfully pleased it's […]

Dining Out: Family Circle

Dining Out: Family Circle

Dining Out: Om Cooking

Om Cooking

Dining Out: Out of the Shadows

Caffè Umbra 1395 Washington Street, Boston 617-867-0707 Chef: Laura Brennan “Nobody's doing that anymore,” I thought when I scanned Laura Brennan's opening menu at Caffè […]

Dining Out: The Right Direction

Via Matta The Heritage on the Garden 79 Park Plaza, Boston 617-422-0008 Chef: Luis Morales All the elements of a dream Italian restaurant are in […]

Dining Out: Seeing Red

Rouge 480 Columbus Avenue Boston 617-867-0600 Chefs: Salvatore Fristensky and Andy Husbands Southern food is more than fried chicken, and New Orleans cuisine more than […]