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Big-House Bounty

Liberty Hotel hot spot Scampo marks Lydia Shire’s return to the Boston dining scene, powered by robust Italian fare, a vibrant personality, and plenty of garlic and butter.

Hits and Myths

Much like its namesake, Fort Point’s Persephone brings new life to a once barren landscape. But an uneven menu and frenzied vibe threaten to abbreviate its season in the sun.

A Mishmashing Success

With its swirling décor, swankified vibe, and overwrought fusion menu, Banq has foodie nightmare written all over it. Funny thing, though: It works.

Dining Out: Mammano Mia!

With L’Andana, a Boston culinary ace offers real-deal Italian flavor that raises the bar for suburban dining—and gives city-dwellers a reason to get out of town.

Dining Out: Ooh La Voile

The authentic French fare at the new import on Newbury Street is the ingredient that’s been missing from Boston’s brasserie boomlet.

Dining Out: Losing Something in the Translation

Toscano’s new owners have reinvented it as a clubby Beacon Hill magnet for the power set. Too bad some of its trademark authentic Italian flavors didn’t make the cut.

Dining Out: Chinese Breakout

New South End arrival Myers + Chang is a work in progress, but its remix of classic Asian fare is compelling enough to keep diners coming back for more.

Dining Out: Liberté! Egalité! Familiarity!

Gaslight offers affordable food, friendly service, and a strong sense of déjà vu.

Dining Out: Star Search

T. W. Food aims to deliver Michelin-worthy fare with rigorously local flavor. When it succeeds, the creativity inspires. When it doesn’t, the food gets lost in the flourishes.

Dining Out: Cattle Call

Ken Oringer’s swank new steakhouse, KO Prime, has plenty of big, beefy dishes (and big, beefy prices). But so far the results don’t always make the grade.

Dining Out: A Riviera Runs Through It

With veteran restaurateur Michela Larson at the helm, new South End hot spot Rocca charts a course through the flavors of coastal Italian cuisine.

Dining Out: Fishing for Compliments

Leather District newcomer O Ya takes raw-ficionados on an exhilarating adventure in high-flying Japanese cuisine. The nuanced, inspired results are a revelation.

Dining Out: A Room of Her Own

In her solo second act, chef Jody Adams reinvents Rialto as an elegant Italian eatery. There’s much to love in the new translation—and a lot of room for growth.

Dining Out: The Graduate

The Graduate

Dining Out: We’ll Always Have Bouchée

We’ll Always Have Bouchée