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City Life

Vigil Being Held For ‘Puppy Doe’ In Quincy

UPDATE: According to an email sent to Boston, organizers are  moving the location of Saturday’s vigil for Puppy Doe. The vigil will be at 5 p.m. […]


The Dogs Must Be Crazy

Can animals get OCD? A leading Massachusetts veterinarian says yes—and his work might hold the key to understanding human obsessive-compulsive disorders as well.

City Life

How One Braintree Condo Solved Its Dog Poo Problem

Today in funny headlines, we learn that a Braintree condo complex is submitting any unattended dog poo it finds on the grounds for DNA testing […]


Haute Dogs: Stylish Beds, Bowls, and More for the Discerning Urban Pooch

Stylish beds, bowls, and more for the discerning urban pooch.

City Life

The Swifto App: It’s Kind of Like Uber, But For Your Dog

Dog owners worried about leaving their pets cooped up in the house all day will soon be able to call on a walker using an […]

City Life

Are Drug-Sniffing Dogs the New Normal?

By now, everyone has heard about the amazing sense of smell of bomb-sniffing dogs, who we saw on the front lines of the Boston Marathon […]

City Life

Kevin Spacey Adopted a Puppy and Named It ‘Boston’

First he came to Boston to thank the first responders and medical staff for their efforts in helping the victims of the marathon attack. Then […]

City Life

Go Hug a ‘Comfort Dog’ And Make Yourself Feel Better About Everything

When it comes to coping with trauma and anxiety, hugging a dog is the best medicine, experts say. This week, several canines from the Lutheran […]

City Life

The Abused South Station Dog Was Dressed in Her Prison Best

By now you’ve perhaps heard the news that a Nevada woman en route to her court appearance was allegedly found in a South Station bathroom […]

City Life

Poisoning Your Neighbors’ Dogs Seems Like the Worst Idea

There are so very many reasons why it seems like Kenneth Hyland’s alleged plot to poison dogs with anti-freeze soaked hot dogs in Charlestown was […]

City Life

Girl Scout Raises Money for Police Dog's Bullet-Proof Vest

Feel-Good Story of the Day: Girl Scout Raises Money for Police Dog’s Bullet-Proof Vest. “I have always loved animals and was trying to think of […]