Elizabeth Warren


The Committee to Destroy Elizabeth Warren

Inside conservative America’s scheme to end our senior senator’s presidential campaign before it even starts.


Elizabeth Warren Urges Investment Firms to Hold Gun Manufacturers Accountable

United and Delta Airlines ended their discount programs for NRA members. Dick’s Sporting Goods halted in-store sales of assault-style weapons. And if Elizabeth Warren has […]


Elizabeth Warren Took on the Native American Heritage Issue in a Surprise Speech

Responding to the never-ending criticism from rivals about her claims of Native American heritage, Elizabeth Warren on Wednesday made a surprise appearance at a national conference to […]


Who Massachusetts Is Bringing to the State of the Union

Invitations to guests for the State of the Union are politically charged choices, made to serve a few major purposes: To communicate something about your priorities, to highlight […]


Warren and Markey Both Voted “No” on Ending the Shutdown

Massachusetts Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey both refused to support a compromise bill to re-open the government after a shutdown. They were among a minority of […]


Elizabeth Warren Called Donald Trump a “Racist Bully” at Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast

As debate rages over whether to call Trump’s comments about immigrants from Haiti and Africa racist, Elizabeth Warren is going one step further. In fact, […]


Elizabeth Warren’s Challengers Support GOP Tax Overhaul

The Senate passed the GOP’s deeply unpopular tax reform package late Tuesday night by a margin of 51-48. But if any of Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s […]


Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey Say Al Franken Should Resign

The growing contingent of Senate Democrats calling on their colleague Al Franken to step down now includes Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey. “I think he should resign,” […]


Trump Called Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” at a Ceremony for Native American Veterans

President Trump on Monday reverted back to his habit of calling Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas,” this time at the worst moment imaginable: a White […]


Elizabeth Warren on the Primary Being “Rigged”: Never Mind

A week after saying she believed the Democratic primary was “rigged” for Hillary Clinton, Senator Elizabeth Warren is walking that position back. It was, in fact, […]

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The Republican Tax Plan Could Hurt Massachusetts Home Buyers

House Republicans have finally released their big tax overhaul plan on Thursday, and unsurprisingly, it did not go over well with the state’s lawmakers. If approved, […]


Massachusetts Officials Criticize Trump’s Opioid Announcement

President Donald Trump declared the opioid epidemic a national public health emergency yesterday, but many Massachusetts Democrats criticized him for not going far enough. Leaders […]


Elizabeth Warren Has a “Me Too” Story, Too

As women around the country are coming forward with previously unreported stories of sexual harassment, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Sunday revealed she has a “me […]


Elizabeth Warren Is Endorsing Marty Walsh

Back when the 2016 Democratic primary was a toss-up in Massachusetts, Sen. Elizabeth Warren chose to let a progressive challenge to Hillary Clinton from Bernie Sanders […]


Sen. Warren to Donate Harvey Weinstein’s Campaign Contributions

Sen. Elizabeth Warren will donate the $5,000 she received from Harvey Weinstein to Casa Myrna, a domestic violence nonprofit in Dorchester, her office told Boston Magazine. A number of […]