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Coming Up Roses

Master the art of flower arranging with these step-by-step instructions from Rose Mattos and Erin Heath, of Somerville’s Forêt Bespoke Floral & Installation Design.

linda behar embroidery
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Well Thread

Check out Linda Behar’s embroidered masterpiece, inspired by an image of a vibrant peony.

floral accessories spring
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The Big Bloom

Spring’s stunning floral accessories bring cheer throughout the year.

home design events boston
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Home Design Events, Spring 2013

Where to go and what to read for your spring design fix.

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English Accents

Kristin Paton Home brings Notting Hill to Cambridge.

spring flower vases
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Flower Power

Show off spring’s prettiest petals in one of these delightful vessels, this month’s perfect 10.

homegrown tomatoes
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Get Fresh

Follow these simple steps now, courtesy of Mahoney’s Garden Center manager Mark Cutler, for juicy homegrown tomatoes come August.

stylish gardening tools
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Dig It

Get your garden started in style with these stylish gardening tools.

Time Warp

A mind-bending art piece by John Chervinsky exploring the principles of “time, light, space, and gravity.”

Winter White

In the absence of color, beautiful form takes center stage with these white wonders.

Treasure Hunt

Andrew Spindler Antiques & Design offers an eclectic alternative to catalog shopping.

Shelf Life

All’s well that ends well. These bookends are no exception.

Warm and Fuzzy

When the weather outside is frightful, find solace in throws delightful.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go

Shrug off winter’s chill and plan your next great adventure with these unique accessories.