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Food Trends

Variations on a Theme: Vegetable Terrines

A look at the veggie-loaded terrines sprouting up all over town.

Trade Secret: Black Magic

What’s the secret ingredient behind the Myers + Chang flavor? Chinese black vinegar.

Change a-Brewin’

Nearly a dozen high-end coffee shops have opened in Boston in the past year and a half, and inevitably, local restaurants have started giving coffee the same service as cocktails. The entire brewing process has been overhauled.

Fresh Idea: The Devil Inside

Deviled eggs aren’t just for cookouts anymore — they’ve gone high-brow big time.

Culinary Genius

How Bostonians are redefining the way the world thinks about food, one cookie-baking robot at a time.

Jive Turkey

The cult of the $100 Thanksgiving dinner. People: It’s dinner, not a status symbol.

Juicy Fruit

Meet the fruity invasive species-turned-chef’s darling: the autumn olive.

Fresh Idea: Cool It

Aloe vera: burn remedy and…trendy foodstuff? It is for some Boston chefs.

Fresh Idea: Chill Out

Light, fruity, and portable, popsicles have nudged out ice cream as our favorite summertime treat.

Wine and Brine

Island Creek Oyster Bar’s Tom Schlesinger-Guidelli offers unconventional pairings for all your seafood favorites.

A New Leaf

The little green herb that will singlehandedly catapult your salad beyond the realm (if you’ll forgive the pun) of garden variety bland.

Fresh Idea: Nice Stems

Where to find the fungi you could fall in love with.

The Ultimate: Reuben

Boston may not be known as a deli-sandwich town, but it has no shortage of great renditions of that delicatessen staple: the Reuben.

Dispatch: Building a Better Wiener

Kayem Foods has been in the processed-meat business for a century. Now the Chelsea firm—new maker of the Fenway Frank—has hit upon a recipe it thinks can take on the industry’s biggest brands. But will a New England hot dog play in Peoria?