Halloween in Boston


13 Scary Delicious Dining Events and Halloween Parties around Boston

All Month Long Try a Mystery Ice Cream Flavor Cambridge’s standout Honeycomb Creamery is churning up something strange: It’s a dark and decadent mystery flavor. […]

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13 Must-See Halloween Events in Boston 2019

Frog Pond Pumpkin Float: Move over, Charlie Brown—it’s a night that will put any great pumpkin to shame. This annual family-friendly event calls on Bostonians […]

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Get Spooked This Halloween at These Historical Trustees Homes

As Halloween floats closer each day, it brings with it a barrage of questions: Do you need a costume change for every party, what’s the […]


In Defense of Candy Corn

I’m not entirely proud of this confession: Last night I polished off my third bag of candy corn since I started filling the coffee-table candy bowl […]

Bonbons from Spindler Confections

The 11 Best Candy Shops in Boston to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

We get it. You love your North End cannolis, but it’s time to broaden the dessert horizons. With world-famous chocolatiers and locally acclaimed candy shops, […]

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The Best Costume Shops in Boston? These Vintage Clothing Stores

Need a costume in a hurry? No need to fork over fistfuls of cash to Amazon for flimsy factory-made duds—Boston’s multitude of thrift shops, vintage […]


Boston Chefs Share Their Most Loved (and Loathed) Halloween Candies

Steel your sweet tooth: Halloween is on the horizon. It’s officially October, and the date now plods toward us like Michael Myers coming for a cornered babysitter. (Incidentally, […]

pumpkin picking guide
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The Best Places to Go Pumpkin Picking near Boston

Autumn in New England is a special time. With temperatures dropping after a long, hot summer, it’s time for some wholesome fall activities and eats, from apple picking and corn […]

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The Best Halloween Movies of All Time, Ranked by the Brattle Theatre

The leaves are starting to die, and that means getting-scared-on-purpose season is upon us. So if you’re in search of the all-time best Halloween movies to celebrate […]

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Ghost Ship Harbor Docks in Quincy for Halloween Again

Ghost Ship Harbor, a simulated spooky experience on the USS Salem, promises to be yet another chilling, scary experience for those who dare to board […]

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Boston Magazine’s Fall Bucket List

If the slight chill in the air has you wanting to bust out your Bean boots, embrace it. Fall is upon us, which means it’s time to […]

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Five Historic Cemeteries to Visit in Boston

Almost 300-year-old headstones are a dime a dozen in Boston. The city is home to plenty of Revolutionary War-era graves, too, and we’re the final […]

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The Best Streets for Trick-or-Treating in Boston

For trick-or-treaters of all ages, one of the most important decisions of the season comes down to costumes. Equally important, though, is where those costumes will […]

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Massachusetts’ Best Haunted Houses and Theme Park Takeovers for Halloween

There’s nothing wrong with a homemade haunted house, but if you’re looking for a really good scare, look no further than these haunted attractions in […]