Research Says Salt is Connected to Autoimmune Disorders

Salt photo via Shutterstock. You probably already knew that the excess salt in that bag of potato chips you’re munching on is a major contributor […]


Harvard Faculty Is Not Happy with Snooping Harvard Administration

Image via “First Daffodils” on Flickr When the Boston Globe reported that the Harvard administration had secretly accessed the emails of its residential deans last fall, the […]

Sonal Shah

From Harvard, To Washington, And Back To Harvard

In 2009, more than a dozen Harvard professors joined President Barack Obama’s administration. Now, at the start of Obama’s second term, nearly all of them have returned. Why?


China Town

Chinese come to Boston, by and large, to see Cambridge and its universities. Boston wants these tourists to stay awhile.


Harvard Boasts the Most Billionaire Graduates in the World

Harvard dropout Bill Gates doesn’t even count. (Via Flickr) Harvard President Drew Gilpin Faust recently warned New York Times readers not to place emphasis on […]


EdX Expands Online Offerings

Image Credit: Viola Ng via Flickr EdX, the online collaboration that started between MIT and Harvard last May, and expanded to six universities in the […]


Every College Student in Boston Spent the Storm Making the Same YouTube Video

Boston’s multitudes of college kids had a lot of time on their hands while snowed in by last weekend’s blizzard, and according to our calculations, […]


Harvard and the NFL

In a well-timed decision just days before the Superbowl, the NFL Players Union has announced that it awarded Harvard University $100 million to establish a […]


NFL Gives Harvard Medical School $100 Million Research Grant

Sports injury photo via Shutterstock Harvard Medical School reported today that the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) has given the school a $100 million grant […]


The Truth about Supplements

Try getting your nutrients from food, not pills. Supplement illustration via Shutterstock According to Harvard Health Publications, more than half of us take supplements to get the […]


The Best College Gyms in Boston

Think college campuses are just about the classrooms? Think again. We visited some of Boston’s best campus gyms, and what we found—juice bars, lazy rivers, climbing […]


Six Things to Know About Vitamin D

We miss you, sun. Please come back soon. Photo via Shutterstock. If you live north of Atlanta (ahem, Boston), it’s impossible to produce vitamin D from the sun […]

kids playing

New Before School Physical Activity Program Helping Mass. Kids

Kids playing photo via Shutterstock A group of Massachusetts moms created a new, non-profit, before-school physical activity program called Build Our Kids Success (BOKS). The […]


Twitter and Google Help Migraine Studies

Splitting headache? Researchers are using social media to study headaches. Photo via Shutterstock. Boston Children’s Hospital knows where people turn when they need medical information: Google […]

Boston college finals

Universities Helping Students De-Stress for Finals

Final exams can be the most stressful time in a student’s life. Boston-area schools are clearly aware of this, because they offer some of the […]