Harvard Profs Give World One More 'Call Me Maybe' Knock-Off

The Harvard Economics Department has added its name to the the very, very long list of Call Me Maybe knock-off video creators, a list that […]


BU Has the Highest Paid University President in Massachusetts

MIT’s Susan Hockfield is the third highest paid university president in Massachusetts. (Photo: World Economic Forum via Flickr) Boston University’s Robert Brown was the highest […]


Harvard Kids Now Just Dousing Themselves in Milk for Fun

Harvard students have produced a video jumping on the latest of bizarre internet trends: filming themselves as they pour milk  over their heads in public […]


The Day MIT Hacked Harvard-Yale

  To America’s blue bloods, the annual Harvard-Yale matchup is a sacred event. Hell, President John F. Kennedy once said that the rush his job […]


Doctor Burnout Is a Serious Problem

Doctor image via Shutterstock Being a doctor is demanding and difficult, but if it weren’t, then everybody would be one. Watch five minutes of any doctor show […]

how mit became the most important university in the world

How MIT Became the Most Important University in the World

And why Harvard—Harvard!—is scrambling to catch up.


How One Boston Doctor Really Feels About Obamacare

Doctor photo via Shutterstock On June 28th, the eve of my first primary care clinic, a large controversy had been clarified. The Supreme Court of the […]


Harvard's Online Classes Sound Pretty Popular

Harvard announced that around 100,000 people signed up for its first two online courses offered through the edX program it runs with Berkeley and MIT. […]


This Week at College: BU Isn't That Desperate for PSY's Money

Never change, HuffPost.   Welcome to our weekly round-up of the news of note from Boston’s college campuses, because, hey, it’s the greatest four years […]


How to Improve Your Brain Health

Brain image via Shutterstock If you think your Words With Friends addiction is helping your brain, you may be wrong. While these kinds of games […]

Hard cheese

Bad Breath? Chew on This.

We’ve all been there. Your talking to someone and they slowly back away. You start to think, do I smell? Well, the truth is, you just might. […]


Are Egg Yolks Healthy?

Egg photo via Shutterstock   We are always being told about the foods that we shouldn’t eat. For a change of pace, here is one […]


Harvard Students Are Not The Smartest Cheaters

The Harvard Crimson reports new details on how an assistant professor discovered enough similarities between final exams last spring to initiate an investigation into the […]


Harvard's Cheating Scandal Is Now an Athletics Scandal

Image Credit: Yzukerman via Flickr The report that Harvard basketball’s co-captain will miss this season after being implicated in the cheating scandal affecting 125 students […]


Live and Learn: The Advantages of Taking a Gap Year

Want your kid to ace college? Make him wait for it.