When Crime Doesn’t Pay

It’s a local tradition: convicts lining up to publish their life story. So why muzzle the guy who faked his way into Harvard?

City Life

The To-Do List: 1.6.11

Stuff for your weekend radar. Inspected and selected by Boston Mag staff.

Admissions of Guilt?

Adam Wheeler was hardly the first student to be accused of faking his way into the most hallowed grounds of academia — and he won’t be the last. Welcome to the new era of dishonesty.

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The League of Extraordinary Biologists

What it’s like to be young, brilliant, fawned over by multimillionaire investors, courted by universities and corporations around the world, and forever racing—sometimes as teammates, sometimes as rivals—to change medicine as we know it.

Drew Gilpin Faust and the Incredible Shrinking Harvard

Suddenly, unthinkably, the World’s Richest University finds itself forced to reconsider what it can afford to be. (Losing $11 billion will do that.) But if its president has a master plan for leading the school out of its financial crisis—other than letting Larry Summers take the blame—she’s keeping it to herself.

Harvard Prez Left Blushing Crimson

Can Drew Gilpin Faust take the faculty’s heat?

Harvard Business School: Ain’t No Party Like an HBS Party

The economy’s in the toilet, but at Harvard Business School, the tycoons of tomorrow have different concerns. Like finding the perfect getup for the big cross-dressing bash, and fitting in a little learning amid the nonstop schmoozing and boozing.