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The Burden of Knowing

For the right fee, a Cambridge firm called Knome will unravel all the secrets hiding in your genes. But what happens when those secrets include a higher risk of getting cancer? Or of contracting a crippling disease like Alzheimer’s? Would you be able to handle that information and the terrible choices it forces? I wasn’t.

The Enlightened Patient

We’ve packed this year’s Top Doctors story with ideas from local doctors, hospital execs, insurance experts, and consumer watchdogs for finding first-rate healthcare resources (including our annual Top Doctors list), along with tips on making the most of them.

Voicebox Hero

Some of the most famous voices in the world — Steven Tyler, Julie Andrews, Dick Vitale — have entrusted their pipes to Steven Zeitels, a relentlessly creative MGH surgeon whose latest breakthrough may make him a savior to countless cancer victims as well.

Why Your Doctor Needs a Raise

The good news: A year into our grand healthcare experiment, nearly everyone in Massachusetts has insurance. The bad: It’s never been harder to actually get in to see a doctor. The fix? Pay primary care physicians more. Lots, lots more.