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Second-Hand Exposure to E-Cigarette Aerosols Increasing Among Youth

As the prevalence of e-cigarette use increases, so does the exposure of second-hand vaping aerosols—and for children and teens, it can be just as harmful […]


A Guide to Healthy Living as a Family

Finding time to focus on your family’s health can be challenging. However, studies show that a healthier family is a happier family, so it’s important […]

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EEE risk

EEE Risk Is Now “Critical” in Many Massachusetts Communities

If you’re traveling across the state this weekend for Labor Day festivities, be sure to pack the bug spray, and consider scheduling ample indoor activities. […]


Gronk, Calling Himself “Mr. Recovery,” Is Getting into the CBD Game

Call him “Mr. Recovery.” Rob Gronkowski spent nine years getting pummeled for the Patriots before he’d had enough, announcing his retirement last year. When word got around […]


Here’s What You Need to Know about the Mosquito-Borne Disease EEE

As we head into the tail end of summer, and with Labor Day weekend upon us, we’re not telling you to skip out on the […]


The Truth Behind CBD: A Powerful New Way of Self-Care

Rarely does a new trend revolutionize the health industry like cannabidiol (CBD). Now a staple of wellness routines worldwide, CBD has been praised for its […]

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City Life

In Opening a Safe Injection Site, Somerville Would Call Feds’ Bluff

Safe injection sites, where users can inject drugs under the supervision of medical professionals, have been overwhelmingly supported by Massachusetts doctors, have been shown to be successful […]

smile shows digital smile design

Your Best Feature: This Innovative Dental Treatment Improves Your Whole Look

Context is king. Whether it’s on TV, at the movies, or on billboards, you can see surreally straight white teeth every day. While that may […]

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How Diabetes Affects Your Feet and What You Can Do About It

Though they can easily be overlooked, feet are especially at risk of serious complications relating to diabetes. Staying informed about symptoms and preventative care is […]

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What You Need to Know About Foot Injuries from an Expert Podiatrist

With the summer in full swing, most people are spending more time outside being active.  John Giurini, DPM, chief of Podiatric Surgery at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical […]

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City Life

After Tainted Water Controversy, Spring Hill Dairy Farm Will Shutter

Following reports that their bottled water was tainted by PFAs, Spring Hill Dairy Farm announced Friday that it will cease operations, citing fluctuations in government […]

dentist and patient

Top Dentists 2019

Our annual list of the 566 top dental pros in Boston and beyond—as chosen by their peers.


5 Powerful Ways to Keep Your Feet Healthy

It’s no surprise that healthy feet are important for feeling good and staying active. With 26 bones, 33 joints, and more than 100 muscles, tendons, […]

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The Breakthrough New 30-Minute Treatment That Makes Fat Disappear

Burning fat is hard work. Yet, even if you exercise regularly and eat healthily, some fat is too stubborn to go away no matter how […]

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What You Need to Know About Female Hair Loss

For many women, a thinning hairline can be distressing and result in a negative self-image. Now, an advanced new therapy called Optimal Platelet Concentration Therapy […]

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