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Hikes 2015

great island trail wellfleet

10 Places to Go for a Hike This Summer in Massachusetts

There are only so many times you can criss-cross the trails of Middlesex Fells or the Blue Hills without wondering what else is out there. […]


Spend a Day Hiking, Picnicking, and Stargazing on a Central Massachusetts Day Trip

Approximate Drive Time From Boston: 50 minutes HIKE Crow Hills, Westminster This stunning hike in Leominster State Forest feels worlds away, yet is only a […]


Explore Seaside Trails and Outdoor Art on a South Coast Day Trip

Approximate Drive Time From Boston: 1 hour HIKE Copicut Woods, Fall River Part of the 13,600-acre Southeastern Massachusetts Bioreserve, this Trustees-managed property delights day-trippers with […]

giant falls

Early Spring Hikes to Enjoy across New England

New England’s prettiest waterfalls are thawing—and you should go chase them!

 To the north and west of Boston, what we call “spring” is better known […]


11 New England Hikes to Try This Winter

Already swap out your hiking boots for Bean boots? Not so fast. Don’t let plummeting temperatures lure you into packing away trusty outdoor gear just yet. Some of the […]

Trail mix

Guide: What to Eat Before and After a Hike

If you’ve got a grueling hike ahead of you, scarfing down a bowl of cereal and hitting the road isn’t going to cut it. We […]


What to Wear On a Hike: Our Guide

Your bag is packed. Your snacks are selected. You’ve mapped a trail. Now, the most important question—what do you wear? We asked Lauren Blanda, general […]


Four Plants You Can Eat in the Wild

Sweet Birch Like nature’s breath freshener, a matchstick-size twig of this tree, when chewed, offers a fresh, minty burst. White Pine Needles Nibbling the needles […]


How to Deal with Ticks While Hiking

Block the bite. When you tuck long pants into socks and wear long sleeves, ticks won’t be able to get a grip. Ditch the black. […]


Five Wild Animals You Might See While Hiking in New England

Black Bears Anywhere west of I-495 is bear country, especially in the fall, when these hefty vegetarians pack on the pounds in preparation for their […]


A Guide to New England-Made Hiking Gear

Clean Bottle Built square so it won’t roll away, this BPA-free bottle from Somerville startup Clean Bottle has an ergonomic handle for comfortable carrying, and […]


A Guide to Glamping in New England

I’m a three-manicure-a-month kind of girl who may or may not have considered calling 911 when a bat decided to stake a claim to my […]


Best Places to Go Bird-Watching in Boston

Arnold Arboretum “My wife is great at finding the warbling vireos here by sound. What these little birds lack in feather color, they make up […]


Hiking Within Boston’s City Limits

A photo posted by Melissa (@melissamalamut) on Oct 21, 2012 at 5:55pm PDT Mount Vernon Street Beacon Hill Distance: .27 miles Elevation change: 84 feet […]


Hike Here…Then Eat Here

Hike Here: Lincoln Conservation Land Hurwitz suggests hiking through the meadows and looping around Flint’s Pond. Then journey up into the highlands by the deCordova […]