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Hilary Knight

City Life

Hilary Knight Puts On a GoPro, Proceeds to Dangle Your Face Right Off

Though I may be biased, hockey just might be the best use out there for a GoPro. The tiny, mountable cameras perfectly capture hockey’s ephemeral […]

City Life

Q&A with Boston Pride’s Hilary Knight on Making History in the NWHL

There’s a reason why hockey fans so eagerly awaited Hilary Knight’s decision where to play this year. As one of the best women’s hockey players […]

City Life

Forget the Bruins! Hop Aboard the Boston Pride Bandwagon

The Bruins are not a good hockey team this year. In fact, several hockey sources with knowledge of the situation tell me the opposite: they […]

City Life

The Golden Age of Professional Women’s Hockey

SUDDEN DEATH. Corinne Buie of the Boston Blades collects the puck at the blue line and—as two Montreal Stars try to pinch her off—feathers a […]