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Home Design

Home Design: The New Cozy

With “going out” and “getting away” feeling like relics of a more carefree era, today’s homeowners are creating all-inclusive retreats within their own four walls.


Design Salon Boston

This week we were invited to speak to an extraordinary group of women. Called the Design Salon Boston, this informal organization brings together interior designers, […]


Bostonista Goes Cowhide

You can’t swing a dead cat without seeing a cowhide rug in a magazine these days. Maybe the frenzy is the designer’s response to the […]

Home & Property

Best of Boston Home 2009

The premier designers, contractors, shops, and more, in Boston and beyond.

Inside the Box

Every winter for the last decade, Bostonians Mark Garber and Vaughn Miller have driven to Vermont with skis strapped to their roof, carting duffel bags […]

Lofty Expectations

A 2004 New Yorker story describing the gentrification of South Boston so  intrigued Michelle Oliver that she yearned for a neighborhood brick-and-beam loft of her […]

Industrial Strength

The exterior is anonymous. Framed by an old metal fence and unchecked weeds, its nondescript brick walls reveal little, save for a faded mural of […]

Triple Take

WILKES PASSAGE 1313 Washington St., Boston Built in 2002, the seven-story condo building contains 159 units. Who He Is: Jeremiah Eck What He Does: He’s […]

Design in a Downturn

On a sunny day in 1950, my tiny grandma Zelda surveyed her Philadelphia townhouse with a critical eye. It was furnished, but it needed something […]

At Home With: The Artful Lodgers

At first, Rick Grossman seems more like an art historian than a high-end furniture dealer. With an uncanny memory for names and dates, he tells […]

Hood Wink

  THE NUISANCE: Conventional kitchen design leaves home chefs with two choices: hang a beastly hood over your island stove or quit making curry. THE […]

Book Smart

TOTAL: $22,671 1. Flos Spun light, $2,175, Montage. 2. Handblown glass vase, $48, Pod. 3. Niagara Phobia, by Chuck Voelter, $5,200, Jules Place. 4. Michael […]

High Chair

Your Highness

Julie Suratt, mother of twins Emmett and Phineas, 2 I have two behemoth highchairs taking up half my kitchen. Small is glorious! I’m wary of […]

What’s in Store: Acquire

During her eight years as a producer for PBS and the National Geographic Channel, Nikki Dalrymple crisscrossed the country filming tornadoes in Alabama and rodeos […]


Seat Yourself

WALTER KNOLL TOGETHER $17,500, M2L The Look Rigidly architectural, the angular sofa is a minimalist’s dream come true. The Details Form trumps function with anemic […]