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Gardner Museum

City Life

The Coolest Ways to Experience Boston Museums Virtually Right Now

Even as art galleries sit empty and museum doors stay shut, cultural institutions everywhere are still coming up with creative ways to connect with the […]

Arts & Entertainment

What Will Happen If the Stolen Gardner Museum’s Works Are Found?

1. Get Them to the Gardner Once the museum gets the anonymous call or tip it’s been waiting for, there may not be time to […]

Arts & Entertainment

Opening Our Doors Returns with Free Museum Admission

Rather than lounging around this Columbus Day, head out to one of the fine museums Boston has to offer—many of which will be free to […]

Arts & Entertainment

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum’s Block Party Is Back Again

The captivating reach of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum will once again expand to the streets for the museum’s second annual Neighborhood Night Block Party […]

Twelve panels in three different shades of purple and gray
Arts & Entertainment

Boston Artist Honors Freddie Gray with New Abstract Piece

Jarring images of the arrest that led to Freddie Gray’s death inundated the internet in April 2015. In one photo, the 25-year-old black man was limply carried off the […]

Arts & Entertainment

The MFA, Gardner Museum, and ICA Are Free for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. day in Boston, various cultural institutions are having free days, as well as offering special programming in honor […]

An Italian Renaissaince painting depicting Jesus Christ
Arts & Entertainment

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum to Display Fra Angelico Works

The first Fra Angelico painting to reach the United States had a secret. In 1899, Isabella Stewart Gardner acquired Assumption and Dormition of the Virgin, […]

Flowers and green grass decorate the Gardner Museum's courtyard
Arts & Entertainment

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Selects Choreographer-in-Residence

Unless you’re Ben Stiller in the midst of a Night at the Museum, art doesn’t typically move. But the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum knows that […]

Arts & Entertainment

Henry James Exhibition to Open at Gardner Museum

You can practically hear the portraits whispering to each other across the exhibition hall. The arts patron Isabella Stewart Gardner peers at the author Henry […]

Arts & Entertainment

Experience Art at the Gardner Museum’s Neighborhood Nights

For three Thursday nights at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum this summer, don’t just observe art—experience it. The museum will get to know its neighbors […]

City Life

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Doubles Reward for Stolen Artwork

It’s been 27 years since a pair of thieves dressed as Boston police officers made off with 13 pieces of artwork worth more than $500 million from the […]

Arts & Entertainment

Don’t Tune Out the Gardner Museum’s New Sound Art Installations

For the first time in its 114-year history, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is showcasing work outside of its own walls. The museum’s new exhibit, “Listen […]

Arts & Entertainment

What It’s Like to Hang Nasturtiums at the Gardner Museum

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is closed to the public on Tuesdays, but on this particular Tuesday, the place is a quiet flurry of activity. […]

Arts & Entertainment

Trump Might Cut Arts Funding—Of Course Boston’s Museum Directors Are Against It

Oh Mr. President, you didn’t think those reports of potentially cutting the NEA and NEH would go unaddressed by museums themselves, did you? Certainly not […]

Arts & Entertainment

The Gardner Museum Is Opening a New Sound Art Exhibit

In a new contemporary exhibit, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum will make visitors think critically about how they hear and interpret sound through the exploration […]