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Catholic Groups Protesting John Kerry’s Speech at Boston College Commencement

An independent Catholic watchdog group is planning to protest outside of Boston College’s commencement ceremony Monday morning, and calling on Cardinal Sean O’Malley to withdraw […]


Activists Stage Sit-In During Keystone XL Pipeline Protest

Dozens of people risked arrest on Monday morning as they protested outside of a federal building in Boston, rallying against the construction of the Keystone […]


Teresa Heinz Kerry in Fair Condition

Updated 2:55 p.m.: is reporting that Teresa Heinz Kerry suffered “grand mal seizure” of unknown origin, “an electrical storm in the brain” that sent her […]


There Once Was a Secretary of State in Nantucket

  The Fourth of July is a time for reliving American history—the Declaration of Independence, the American Revolution, the 2004 Presidential Election… Yes, a controversy […]

john kerry

John Kerry’s Clandestine Bike Ride in East Germany

John Kerry is no one’s idea of an exciting politician. He’s kind of a patrician. He’s long-winded. And he’s usually boring. But apparently, he lights […]


John Kerry is Psyched

Exhilarating to walk into @statedept today and get to work with remarkable team. Dad on mind! – — StateDept (@StateDept) February 4, 2013 John Kerry […]


John Kerry's Farewell Address, in Numbers

The numbers in John Kerry's farewell speech to the Senate delivered yesterday suggested the scale both of the address and the career that preceded it. Most amusing […]


John Kerry Is Really, Truly Your Secretary of State

The U.S. Senate confirmed John Kerry as the newest Secretary of State in a landslide 94-3 vote. Senators Ted and Cruz John Cornyn of Texas as […]


John Kerry’s Confirmation Hearing Is One Big Group Hug

Standing in stark contrast to the grilling Secretary of State Hillary Clinton faced in the Senate yesterday, John Kerry is having a rather pleasant time at his […]


The Once And (Increasingly-Unlikely-To-Be) Future Senator

Image Credit: Diane Beckwith Zink via Wikimedia Commons Reading across the political media this week, it seems pundits have realized (at last) that Sen. Scott Brown […]


A Special Senate Election Is Upon Us

Update: It's official. At a press conference, President Obama called Kerry “the perfect choice to guide American diplomacy in the years ahead.” Here's video, via […]


John Kerry Is Basically Guaranteed to be Secretary of State

Image Credit: Ralph Alswang via Flickr President Barack Obama will almost certainly nominate Sen. John Kerry to serve as secretary of state, a half a dozen […]


John Kerry Is Pretty Popular This Week

For a guy whose main presence in the press of late has been a (mostly caricatured) seething desire for the Secretary of State position, Senator […]


Who Will Replace John Kerry?

I pick you, random audience member, to replace me! (Photo via Wikimedia/Stlphotog) In 2008, Massachusetts had one of the most impressive collection of political leaders […]


Deval's Dinner At the White House Must Mean Something!

News that Deval and Diane Patrick are headed to the White House this evening for dinner with Barack and Michelle has sent the world of […]