Kendall Square

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Why We Should Pay People to Bike to Work

Photo via ThinkStock This morning, it took me 40 minutes to drive 3.5 miles from my house in Jamaica Plain to my office by Symphony […]


Street Style: Boots or Sneakers? How About Both?

A recent transplant from California, Hoon Oh looked great in Nikes. Are they boots? Sneakers? I couldn’t tell, and to be honest, I didn’t care; […]


Street Style: Fringe and Studs

It was Rakhshita Dahr’s shoes that stopped me in my tracks. I’ve got a thing for fringe, so I spotted her adorable moccasins miles away […]


Street Style: Grad Student Swagger

Kittipong Saetia was strolling along Main Street in Kendall Square when I asked to take his photo. He readily agreed when I told him it […]


The Kendall Square Dining Guide

Boston and Cambridge diners may not be accustomed to thinking of Kendall Square in the context of food. After all, for most of its existence, […]