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Logan Airport

City Life

Logan Airport Fire Drill Causes Scare for Travelers

A plane on fire near the tarmac at Logan Airport was nothing more than a monthly drill being conducted by first responders, but the lack […]

City Life

An ‘Exceptionally High’ Number of Snowy Owls Are Flocking To The Logan Airport Tarmac

UPDATE, December 11 : After public outcry, and some pushback from environmental and animal-rights groups, New York’s Port Authority said they will no longer shoot owls that land […]

City Life

September 11 Probably Isn’t the Best Day To Do a Fire Drill At Logan Airport

Officials from the Massachusetts Port Authority, the agency that owns and runs Logan Airport, issued an apology on Wednesday for holding a fire-training drill on […]

City Life

More Hologram Employees Coming to Logan Airport

More digital help is coming to Logan Airport in the form of hologram employees tasked with guiding travelers in the right direction. Three more “Virtual […]

City Life

Airline Travel Out of Boston Is Getting Better

Good news for frequent flyers: Airline’s performed slightly better in 2012 than they have in all years but one in the last two decades, according […]