Long Reads


Stumbling Down the Runway

Now in its 20th year, the woefully inept Boston Fashion Week could use a serious makeover.


Tamerlan Tsarnaev: Inside the Mind of a Killer

On the night of the Boston Marathon attacks, Tamerlan Tsarnaev watched his handiwork on television—and laughed.


Mother of Merci

After her father was murdered, Nixia came to Boston from Honduras in search of a better life for her children. But she had to leave one of them behind.


Machine Man: Rodney Brooks

Rodney Brooks has spent his life creating intelligent machines that do our bidding. Some people, however, worry that robots like his will eventually supplant the human workforce. He has a different fear: that in the future, there won’t be enough robots.


One of Us

I was a typical Southie kid, one of six, born to a single mother, raised in a triple-decker, surrounded by Whitey Bulger’s violence and fierce Irish pride. There was only one thing that kept me on the outside: Despite my mother’s claims to the contrary, we were black.


Northern Exposure

Two years after losing his Senate seat, Scott Brown has fled Massachusetts. Can he convince New Hampshire voters that he’s one of them?


Confessions of a Jury Foreman

Behind the scenes of the Whitey Bulger trial.


Ace In the Hole, Ready to Serve

Officer Ace Barnes doesn’t mind all the overtime hours without the extra pay. He’s not concerned that the Lynnfield Police Department won’t offer him a […]


China’s Town

The priciest homes, the best schools, the hottest handbags: From Newbury Street to the waterfront, big-money Chinese buyers are spending millions. Are we cashing in or selling out?


The Biggest Ball of Them All

Strap on your heels and prepare for battle. Boston’s most elaborate fundraising event, the Storybook Ball, raises millions of dollars for a great cause. But boy, can it get ugly.


Charlie Baker 2.0

Seated in front of me is Charlie Baker, the warmest, nicest, friendliest, most amicable gubernatorial candidate you’ll ever meet. And he will not give a straight answer to a single question that I ask him.


The Ballad of Buddy Cianci

No one predicted that Providence’s ex-con former mayor would come back for a last shot at his old job. But Buddy Cianci refuses to just fade away.


What’s for Dinner…Next?

A visionary scientist wants to change the way we eat. Three key players on the Boston food scene are going to make it happen. Welcome to the restaurant of the future.


Calling the Shot

Botox was the antithesis of my feminist upbringing—and I wanted it anyway.


The Deval Patrick Problem

Nobody on the Democratic ticket wants to criticize Deval—which is playing right into Charlie Baker’s hands.