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Sex and the Single Monk

In 2011, a community of Buddhist monks in Lowell announced plans to build a large, grand temple. The structure would signal that the city’s Cambodian Americans had at last entered the mainstream. Then came accusations of financial impropriety and political backstabbing. And then came a secretly recorded video of a monk having sex.

Arts & Entertainment

Life Among Friends

Emmy-winning TV executive Kevin Bright (Friends, anyone?) shares his view from the top of the Hub in his penthouse unit of the Residences at W Boston. In May, the Emerson alumnus was designated the senior executive director and founding director of Emerson College’s new Los Angeles Center.


The Dogs Must Be Crazy

Can animals get OCD? A leading Massachusetts veterinarian says yes—and his work might hold the key to understanding human obsessive-compulsive disorders as well.

City Life

America’s Most Wanted?

In the aftermath of the marathon bombings, Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis became a national media celebrity. Some reports even had him being considered for secretary of homeland security. Where did these rumors come from, and what do they tell us about Davis himself?

City Life

The Briefcase

Kevin Delaney had seen the old, gray briefcase in the Wayland High School history department’s storage room before. The case, one of those sturdy plastic […]

City Life

The Cure: Third Rock Ventures’ Groundbreaking Idea

Local firm Third Rock Ventures has an idea that might make it easier to get groundbreaking therapies to patients—and revive the biotech industry here in Boston.

City Life

A Tale of Two Boston Schools: Orchard Gardens and Higginson/Lewis

In a struggling neighborhood filled with kids from struggling families, two of the city’s worst-performing schools are on diverging paths.

City Life

Provincetown: Where the Buoys Are

Fear and self-loathing on the Provincetown ferry, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the gay ghetto.

City Life

Clean Sweep: Doug Rubin

Can Doug Rubin—known for his willingness to do the unglamorous work that’s required to win—build the state’s next great Democratic dynasty?

City Life

City Limits: Meet Boston’s 2013 Mayoral Candidates

As candidates scramble for votes in the first wide-open mayoral election in decades, a transformed Boston begins to emerge.

City Life

All Fall Down: A Lack of Support for Evidence-Based Social Policy

Why is the federal government pulling the rug out from under social programs that work?

City Life

Black & Blue: Damien Echols

Convicted of murdering three young boys, Damien Echols spent 18 years on death row until a series of documentaries and articles destroyed the case against him. He’s free now, but as he attempts to rebuild his life in Salem, will a city best known for its witch hunts ever let him?

City Life

About Face: Emotions and Facial Expressions May Not Be Related

For half a century, one theory about the way we experience and express emotion has helped shape how we practice psychology, do police work, and even fight terrorism. But what if that theory is wrong?

City Life

Base Boston: Rape and Sexual Assault in the Coast Guard

It’s the headquarters for the Coast Guard’s entire First District. It’s where many victims of sexual assault in the service get sent. And it’s where, all too often, their military careers then come to an end.

City Life

Why Massachusetts’ Parole System Requires Reform

Two years ago, Deval Patrick set out to save our parole system. But he’s only made it worse.