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Long Reads

City Life

When Route 1 Ruled the Earth

I’m lying naked on my back on a wet-towel-draped wooden bench. At around 200 degrees, the air is so hot I worry I might pass […]

City Life

The Bullet and the Ballplayer

On a steamy spring night in 2019, the Dial Bar and Lounge was the place to be in Santo Domingo. Thumping reggaeton filled the air, […]

City Life

Bostonian by Choice

I‘d been living in the Boston area for nearly 15 years when I came across a stark reminder that—at least to some—I still didn’t count […]

City Life

Inside the High-Stakes, Zero-Sum Game of Youth Club Sports

It’s a wintry weekend in the suburbs. Sleet and snow sheet the frozen streets. Route 9 is barren, a winter weather advisory in effect. Yet […]

City Life

So Long, Charlie. RIP, GOP.

DEATH NOTICE: The Weld Republican—iconic provider of partisan balance in Massachusetts for decades—passed away on December 1, 2021. Its death was confirmed by Charlie Baker, […]

City Life

Ed Kane Just Wants To Have Fun (Right?)

Boston. L.A. London. Bangkok. Ed Kane shows up in more places than James Bond during a double feature—and it’s hard to know where he’s going […]

City Life

For Those Moms About to Rock

“Excuse me,” said the woman across the table at the middle school open house, her voice muffled by her facemask. “Are you in the Lazy […]

City Life

Tsarnaev, the Death Penalty, Three Murders in Waltham, and Me

One clammy day in October, the nation’s deputy solicitor general, Eric Feigin, stood in front of nine U.S. Supreme Court justices and spoke about a […]

City Life

Who Is Dianne Wilkerson?

On a chilly fall day, I did my best to keep up with Dianne Wilkerson as she made her way around Boston. First, the two […]

City Life

Romance, Sex, and Street Parking

I’m 54, have two kids, a raggedly lawn, and just celebrated my 11th wedding anniversary, so of course, I have dating advice. But wait. Don’t […]

City Life

Loss, Love, and the New Hampshire Hermit Who Went Viral

On a hot day this past July in central New Hampshire, Jodie Gedeon climbed into her kayak and slipped into the current of the Merrimack […]


How COJE Restaurants Put the Sizzle Back into Boston Dining

The next time you’re at Yvonne’s—and if you dine out in Boston, you’ve been to Yvonne’s—take a close look at the mahogany bar. Intricately hand-carved […]

City Life

Inside Track: An Oral History of Boston Gossip

There was a time, not so long ago, when Bostonians could sit down with their Dunks, flip open the Herald, and feast on the Inside […]

City Life

Why Is It So Hard to Get a Good View in Boston?

On a warm day earlier this fall, I left home on my bike with a simple goal: to get a decent view of Boston. After […]

City Life

“Take Her Down”: Inside eBay’s Stalking Campaign against a Natick Couple

One August day in 2019, Ina and David Steiner were in their offices at their Natick home when they each noticed an email pop into […]