Long Reads


What Are the Chances?

It was supposed to be a simple operation at one of Boston’s greatest hospitals. It turned out to be anything but.


Coddled, Not Stirred

Why are Boston’s college students so immature when it comes to drinking? Maybe it’s the way we’ve raised them.

Home & Property

Boston Is Getting Really Expensive

You may find yourself with a beautiful house, and a beautiful spouse, and a beautiful kid. And a back-breaking mortgage. How did we get here?


Brian Peixoto’s Final Appeal

Twenty years ago, an unreliable witness and questionable medical science branded Brian Peixoto a baby killer and sent him to die in prison. He’s still there, but is he innocent?


Mike Sherman’s Fifth Quarter

After 33 years coaching NFL and college all-stars, former Green Bay Packers coach Mike Sherman wasn’t sure he had much to learn from a bunch of high school football players on the Cape. He was wrong.


Who’s Behind the Barr Foundation?

Suddenly the Barr Foundation is everywhere—driving the city’s agenda on climate change, the arts, and charter schools. Who’s behind all that money?


The Sex Machine

How did Jon Gross, a middle-aged New England plumbing-supplies salesman, become America’s king of swingers?


Training Our Kids for the Next School Shooter

Whether you know it or not, every school in Massachusetts is preparing children for an attack.


Out of Service: Will We Ever Fix the MBTA?

Will we ever fix the T? Two ex-governors, a mayor, the MBTA’s chief, and the secretary of transportation tell us why we’re getting exactly nowhere.


If David Ludwig Is Right, Everything We Thought We Knew About Obesity—and Low-Fat Diets—Is Wrong

If one Boston doctor is right, everything we thought we knew about obesity—and diet—has been wrong for decades. But it’s not too late to change our eating habits.


Can KJ Seung Change How the World Treats Tuberculosis?

KJ Seung has chased one of history’s most prolific killers across the globe, from Peru to Lesotho to North Korea. Can he change how the world treats tuberculosis?


Sneaker Wars: Converse vs. New Balance

Converse CEO Jim Calhoun has ignited an industry-wide battle royal. But is Boston’s coolest company shooting itself in the foot?


John Donovan and the Ghosts of War

Former naval officer John Donovan returned from Vietnam haunted by a dark secret. Now, nearly 50 years later, he is trying to make peace with his role in a war he can’t forget.

Arts & Entertainment

Curtains for Boston’s Theater District?

The city’s historic stages are in crisis. Why isn’t Marty Walsh, the self-described ‘arts mayor,’ doing more to save them?


Can Coach Brad Stevens Put the Celtics Together Again?

Can coach Brad Stevens put the Celtics together again?