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City Life

Inside Boston’s Psychedelic Revolution

Tony wasn’t at all nervous as he drove from his home in North Andover to a retreat in New Hampshire—but his wife was. Given that […]

City Life

The North End Cannoli-Shop Shooting: “The Craziest Thing Is That He Missed”

A little before 11 p.m. on a hot summer night on Hanover Street, everything in the North End was business as usual. Old-school locals talked […]

City Life

Why Are There So Many Wild Turkeys on The Loose in Massachusetts?

Here’s one more reason the rest of the country hates us: We’re pretty. More than that, we’re pretty in every season. In the summer, we […]


The Cold Truth: Swimming Walden Pond in November

I arrived at Walden Pond State Reservation just after sunrise, recalling that a certain local resident named Thoreau once wrote, “Morning brings back the heroic […]

City Life

Why We Need Public Libraries Now More than Ever

It’s 10 o’clock on a bright summer morning, and the Boston Public Library—175 years old and more vital and necessary than ever—is up and running, […]

City Life

Confessions of a Twitcher

I used to do cocaine. A lot of it. As in, five out of seven nights a week. It might not be immediately apparent what […]

City Life

The Karen Read Case in Canton: The Killing That Tore a Town Apart

Snow had just started to fall as John O’Keefe and Karen Read stepped into the Waterfall Bar & Grille on Washington Street, Canton’s main drag, […]

City Life

Can the Edward M. Kennedy Institute Save Democracy?

In early June, black cars ferrying 10 former U.S. senators—five Republicans and five Democrats—rolled past weathered wooden fences and old salt-box houses that line the […]

City Life

It’s Time to Get to Know Sam Slater

The first thing I notice as I make my way through the minimalist Boston headquarters of Slater Family Holdings are the cupcakes. There are two […]

Arts & Entertainment

Meet Noah Kahan, the Voice of an Emotionally Evolved Generation

Noah Kahan thinks everyone here should be in therapy. The 26-year-old singer-songwriter is onstage at Boston Calling Music Festival, a 10-minute drive from his Watertown […]

City Life

The Heartrending Tale of Kitt the Police Dog and His Human Partner

Bill Cushing was exercising in his home gym when he got the call. It was a little before 1 p.m. on June 4, 2021, and […]

City Life

The Untenable Misery of Shoe Shopping for New England Weather

WHEN YOU GROW UP in Massachusetts, you grow up with weather. Sure, every place has it, but not like here. We got the best. It’s […]

City Life

It’s Officially Time to Revamp Massachusetts’ State Symbols

I might rag on my state for the usual reasons, like the lousy winters, the traffic, and the drivers who create it. But deep down, […]

Arts & Entertainment

The Many Faces of Boston Rap Star Oompa

It’s a Friday night in late March, and Oompa, the Roxbury-born artist, rapper, and performer is working out some excess energy, pacing around the makeshift […]


The Mysterious Origins of Steak Tips, a Uniquely New England Dish

It’s just before 8 p.m. on a Wednesday, and I’m at a restaurant north of Boston that could be any New England sports bar and […]