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Made in New England

Life & Style

How Local Painter Lauren Zavala Turns Designer Bags into Fine Art

Lauren Zavala never intended painting clothing and accessories to be anything more than a hobby. In 2016, she was completing her master’s degree in London […]

Arts & Entertainment

Co-Authors Tonya and Ben Mezrich Talk Children’s Books, UFOs, and Ellen Pompeo

When she’s not writing about the city’s coolest boutiques and tastemakers for this magazine, Boston style editor Tonya Mezrich is working with her husband, New York […]

Home & Property

This Shop Rebuilds and Maintains Rare Motorcycles

Although she originally aspired to be a traveling photographer, J. Shia—owner of Boston-based Madhouse Motors—ended up veering off in a different direction. “My journey is […]

Home & Property

Vec Surfboards Shapes Each Board to the Surfer and the Wave

Some of New England’s best waves happen in the dead of winter—when there’s snow on the beach and water temperatures peak just above freezing. “It’s […]

Home & Property

This Woodworking Company Aims to Make Heirloom Pieces

If Sam O’Leary could have one wish, it would be that his tables outlive him. “We’re trying to make heirloom pieces,” explains the cofounder and […]

Home & Property

We’re Really Loving These Gorgeous Baskets from Wovn Country

Weaver Alexa Rivera taught her first basket-making class in the summer of 2016. She assumed the turnout would be small—just a group of friends and […]

Home & Property

We’re Totally Obsessed with Metalworker Erica Moody’s Chic Serving Pieces

Metalworker Erica Moody credits one of the first pieces of serving ware she created to a little bit of magic. Up late one night in […]

Home & Property

We Can’t Get Enough of These Handmade Homewares by John Francis Designs

More than two decades ago, John Welch and his peers sat around benches creating birdhouses during eighth-grade shop class. Today, he works atop one of […]

Home & Property

This New England Ceramicist Crafts Beautiful, Functional Pottery

After tying her apron in a bow behind her back, Elizabeth Benotti picks up a rolling pin from a dusty wooden table. A metal whisk, […]

Home & Property

Peterman’s Boards and Bowls Takes an Eco-Friendly Approach to Crafting Kitchenware

Spencer Peterman moves through his Massachusetts home—a renovated 18th-century tavern in Gill, near the Vermont border—pointing out everything that he’s either reclaimed or restored. The […]

Home & Property

U-Turn Audio Is on a Mission to Produce High-Quality Custom Turntables

There’s something about vinyl that digital streaming just can’t top. Maybe it’s the tactile nature of setting a needle onto a record, or the soft […]

Home & Property

Medfield-Based Caskata Designs Dinnerware Decorated with Unique Glaze Prints

When Shawn Laughlin was growing up in New York City, she often tagged along with her grandmother, an art collector, to the Metropolitan Museum of […]

Home & Property

This 121-Year-Old Boat-Making Company Combines Passion with Innovation

The team at Old Town Canoe really, really wants to get you on the water. “Our brand statement is ‘Adventure lives here,’ and that’s [truly] […]

Home & Property

Meet the Pros Behind This Family-Owned Ironworking Shop

For a company that operates on a small scale, Amaral Industries produces some massive work. Located just feet from the Charles River in Bellingham, the […]

Home & Property

Peek inside Maine Woolens’ Textile Mill in Brunswick

Brunswick’s Maine Woolens keeps a state tradition alive.