Paul LePage Thinks Donald Trump Should Use ‘Authoritarian Power’

After the media (and late-night TV) had a field day with Republican Maine Gov. Paul LePage’s shocking (and unsubstantiated) comments about the role race plays in […]

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Chaos, Order, Repetition: How Artist Amy Stacey Curtis Brings Abandoned Mills to Life

Artist Amy Stacey Curtis filled a glass vial with exactly 562,437 grains of sand. Curtis knew how many grains were inside the vial because, over […]


Global Warming Could Decimate Maine Lobsters by 2100, Study Says

Hold your New England lobster rolls close: If environmental trends continue as they are, the sea bugs could be gone within 85 years. A recent report from the University […]


Maine Gov. Paul LePage’s Three-Ring Binder on Drug Crimes Released

Even though he has stopped talking to the press, Maine Gov. Paul LePage—the politician who made waves for blaming his state’s heroin epidemic on out-of-state […]


Two 14-Year-Olds Arrested After Low-Speed Bucket Loader Chase on Maine Turnpike

Two 14-year-old boys were arrested in Maine, after a bucket loader was taken on a joy ride of destruction down the Maine Turnpike. The Androscoggin Sheriff’s […]


Last New England Howard Johnson’s Closes

Try not to let the waves of grief and nostalgia crush your spirit. We’ve now officially lost another local icon to the passage of time. […]


Paul LePage Hints He Might Resign

So you’ve probably been hearing a few things lately about Paul LePage, the Republican governor of Maine, who has been freely sharing his reactions to the […]


Gov. Paul LePage Adds Lowell, Lawrence to His List of Minority Drug Dealer Hometowns

Maine Gov. Paul LePage used to blame Connecticut and New York for the influx of opioids into his state. Now, it’s two Massachusetts mill towns. […]


Maine Gov. Paul LePage Threatens, Swears at Lawmaker in Voicemail

Paul LePage is outdoing himself this week. The governor of Maine has once again found himself in the spotlight today after an obscenity-laden voicemail he […]


Maine’s Gov. LePage Calls Khizr Khan, Father of Dead Soldier, a ‘Con Artist’

In a radio interview Thursday, Maine Gov. Paul LePage called Khizr Khan, father of a fallen Muslim-American soldier, a “con artist.” One day after he […]


Obama, Burt’s Bees Cofounder Make Woods in Maine a National Monument

Thanks, Obama. By executive order from the White House, a huge, dreamy chunk of the Maine wilderness will now be preserved forever for your kayaking and […]


The Bridge Connecting New Hampshire to Maine Is Stuck in a Raised Position

You may never cross over that hulking green bridge on your way to Vacationland again. The Sarah Mildred Long Bridge, which connects Portsmouth, New Hampshire, […]


Police Warn of 10-Foot-Long Snake Skin Found in Maine

If snakes aren’t your thing, maybe stay out of Maine for a little while. Police in Westbrook, Maine received a report Saturday of a 10-foot […]


Maine GOP Sen. Susan Collins Won’t Support Donald Trump

More shade from inside his party has been thrown at Donald Trump—this time from the great state of Maine. In a Washington Post op-ed that […]

Maine Beer Co. Dinner

Maine Beer Co. Plans a Huge Brewery and Taproom Addition

With destinations like Allagash Brewing Company, Rising Tide, and Novare Res Bier Café, the Portland, Maine, area is already a go-to for beer tourists. But this is […]