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Malcolm Butler

Arts & Entertainment

Patriots Star Cornerback Malcolm Butler’s Life to Become a Movie

For Patriots fans, the name Malcolm Butler will always be mentioned with reverence in every bar in Boston, thanks to his game-winning interception in the dwindling […]

City Life

Patriots Try-Hards Don’t Know Who Malcolm Butler Is

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBK4mJzfigA Similar to what happened to Vince Wilfork a few weeks ago, Malcolm Butler set out to the streets to interview random fans about the […]

Arts & Entertainment

Julian Edelman and Malcolm Butler Were the Grammys’ Most Endearing Dandies

Now that America has endured the absolute mess that was the 2015 Grammy Awards, we can now collectively look back on the very, very few […]

City Life

Video Shows Super Bowl Fan Reactions During Game-Winning Interception

Patriots and Seahawks fans around the country were overwhelmed with feelings of ultimate joy or extreme anguish respectively as they watched Malcolm Butler’s game-ending interception […]