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Marathon Acts of Kindness

City Life

Pedicab Drivers Offering Rides To ‘Boston Strong’ Concert, Giving Proceeds to One Fund

As Boston prepares for yet another musical festival with some of the biggest names in the industry—this time, to benefit the victims of the Marathon […]


The Guys Running From D.C. to Boston are in Philly

Update: At 7:05 a.m. on Friday morning, Fumich and Nelson were in New Haven, Conn. and look to be in good shape to make their finishing […]

City Life

Now You Can Smell Like a First Responder

If piling on multiple sprays of Axe isn’t your style, a perfume company has managed to bottle a scent reminiscent of firefighters and emergency responders, […]

City Life

Bombing Victim Jeff Bauman Throws First Pitch at Red Sox Game

Jeff Bauman survived the Boston Marathon attack on April 15, but lost both of his legs in the blast. Days later, after surgery, he then […]


A 450-Mile Run Non-Stop Run For Marathon Victims

Running a marathon is hard. Now imagine running 450 miles over the course of five days. Crazy, maybe, but it’s exactly what Frank Fumich and […]

City Life

The More Doritos Locos Tacos You Eat, the More Money Goes to the ‘One Fund’

Taco Bell’s newest signature products are going to put some serious money toward Boston’s fundraising efforts. All day on May 29, proceeds from the sales of […]


Converse Creates ‘Boston’ Shoe to Benefit Marathon Victims

Now there is some foot apparel to go along with those “Boston Strong” t-shirts and hoodies. A Massachusetts-based shoe company has launched a limited edition sneaker, […]

City Life

Cambridge Brewery Making Special Beer in Honor of MIT Officer Sean Collier

Phil Bannatyne thought the best way to honor a fallen hero was to create a beer with his name on it. Bannatyne, owner of the […]

City Life

‘Boston Strong’ Benefit Concert Tickets Sold Out Fast. Really Fast.

On Monday, within minutes of going on sale to the general public, the TD Garden announced it sold out of tickets to a one-night concert […]

City Life

Kevin Spacey Adopted a Puppy and Named It ‘Boston’

First he came to Boston to thank the first responders and medical staff for their efforts in helping the victims of the marathon attack. Then […]

City Life

Boston Strong Concert Brings New Kids On the Block and Godsmack to the Same Room

Jared Paul, the manager of the New Kids on the Block, got the ball rolling on a benefit concert in the city to support the […]

City Life

Team Run Spells Out “Boston” on a GPS Map

In the weeks following the Boston Marathon bombings, Gregory Soutiea decided he wanted to help some friends finally finish the race that was brought to […]

City Life

A Mural Dedicated to Marathon Victims Is On Hold

They were planning on creating a “Wall of Hope.” The mural was supposed to honor the runners of the Boston Marathon, and the victims killed […]

Arts & Entertainment

Turtle Power: Dress Up Like a Ninja Turtle and Go On a Bar Crawl

Get ready to spot some heroes in half shells this weekend. Crawl in Boston, a social networking group that “gives professionals a chance to meet […]

City Life

Mass. Art Students To Create Hundreds of Paintings for Children at Dorchester School

Years before the Boston Marathon was marked by tragedy, artist Beth Balliro worked at the Neighborhood House Charter School, where one of the victims, 8-year-old […]