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City Life

Smokers Are Planning A Protest On Boston Common

Peeved by a recently passed law that prevents people from lighting up in public parks all around the city, a group of pot proponents is […]

City Life

Supreme Court Will Hear Arguments About Cops Searching People Just Because They Smell Pot

Lawyers representing a non-profit group that supports the legalization of marijuana filed an “amicus curiae” brief in the state’s highest court, arguing that police officers […]

City Life

Anti-Prohibition Committee Wants Massachusetts to Legalize Marijuana By 2016

Medical marijuana dispensaries haven’t yet opened up in Massachusetts, but pot advocates are trying to keep the momentum of voter support going and are pushing […]

City Life

Department Of Public Health Starts Second Phase of Medical Marijuana Dispensary Selection Process

Of the 181 applicants interested in opening up a medical marijuana dispensary in Massachusetts, 158 are eligible to move onto the next phase, according to […]

City Life

Pro-Pot Rally Runs Into Permit Issues With the City

UPDATE 09/10/13: Boston officials have granted the organizers of the annual Freedom Rally a one-day permit, and said the group may be seeking an injunction […]

City Life

Here is the List of 181 Groups That Applied For a Medical Marijuana License

State officials have released the lengthy list of entrepreneurs and groups that want to make their business grow by obtaining one of the 35 medical […]

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Sorry, ‘Nugtella’ Won’t Be Sold At Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

The Internet was abuzz with news that a company is producing a “medical marijuana hazelnut spread” made to look like Nutella. But the chocolaty, THC-infused […]

City Life

Smoking Pot on the Boston Common Could Get Pricey

Attending the annual “Freedom Rally” on the Boston Common could become an expensive event for pro-pot ralliers. Boston City Councilor Bill Linehan wants to raise […]

City Life

Pot Proponents Protest Department’s Oversight of Medical Marijuana Industry

Marijuana advocates are outraged with the state’s decision to cap the number of people a distributor can sell the plant to when acting as a […]


Owners of Clothing Brand Kush Groove Are Making Their Business Grow

Although the market for medical marijuana hasn’t begun to bud in the Bay State, the retail side of the pot trade has been steadily growing. […]

City Life

Officials: Municipalities Should Have Power to Ban Smoking Medical Marijuana in Public

State Representative Cleon Turner’s idea is “simple and straightforward.” “I want to provide municipalities, landlords, property owners, and business owners the opportunity to prohibit smoking […]

City Life

It Could Cost $50,000 a Year to Operate a Medical Marijuana Dispensary

For those looking to sell a little green from a marijuana dispensary, it could take a lot of green to keep the doors open. According […]

City Life

More Marijuana Rallies Might Be Budding in Boston

In less than a week, the official medical marijuana regulations crafted by the Department of Public Health will go into effect, and already, activists are […]

City Life

Here Are the Official Medical Marijuana Regulations for Massachusetts

Massachusetts officials have cleared the smoke on the medical marijuana rules and regulations, just six months after voters approved of a ballot initiative to allow […]

City Life

State Rep. Wants to Stop Certain Marijuana-Laced Foods From Being Sold

As the debates and discussions about the future of the medical marijuana industry continue in Massachusetts, some state officials are trying to keep certain pot-infused […]